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Multi-Colored Beetles Live In Harmony September 28, 2018

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We have a Targua tree on our property in the mountains of Costa Rica. Such wonderful colors of all the critters there! Here’s a picture of a group of beetles that just love this tree, and look, all colors are living together in harmony…..a lesson for us all. Teals, iridescents, greens, yellows, heck, polka dots! It’s a Love-In!!

different colors living together


2018 Holiday Craft Shows September 25, 2018

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Here is when and where I will be this Holiday season.

Date                  Venue                               City                           Space/Room

Oct 20               Lakewood Lollipop       Lakewood                #6 Act Rm

Oct 27               Village Venture              Claremont               TBD

Oct 31-Nov 4    Stock & Stuffers             Fullerton                 TBD

Nov 3-4             Yorba Linda Fall Faire   Yorba Linda           #602

Nov 10-11         St. Jerome’s Faire            Culver City             Activity Rm

Nov 17-18        Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild  Torrance          TBD

Nov 24-Dec22  Stock & Stuffers Christmas  Fullerton           TBD

Dec 9                 Torrance Annual Boutique  Torrance           TBD


As you can see, several haven’t sent me final booth space assignments, so I will update here on my blog as we move forward through the season.  Here is my NEW ornament for this year – the Mini Mitten, and I have lots of colors.

Mini Mitten Ornament

Also, I have knit some corsages which would be great on your lapel, hat, purse or as a special package ornament.  These are finished with felt and a pin-back, so can be used many places as a festive touch.  You can even play with the petals to get a deep 3-D effect.


Come and see all the new garments I have done – my new Waterfall Bolero design is a hit, and you know I will still be showing my Dragontail Shawls. Come early for your best color choice.

Won Best Of Show – LA County Fair 2018 September 22, 2018

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I am so happy to announce this. Photos taken through the glass cases at the LA County Fair yesterday, so they are not the greatest, but I was extremely happy to see all three of the pieces I submitted in the Machine Knitting category win a Blue Ribbon, plus a Judges Merit Award for the Plaid Jacket and the Best of Show for my Arachne’s Web top. The people who set up the displays try to group colors together in each case, so that is why the Plaid Jacket seems to have grown a red shag collar. Never mind though, it’s all good to me. It is so much fun to go to the DIY Studio to see all the best from fiber artists in this large metropolis.

Monarch in Costa Rica September 9, 2018

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It was a nice Pool Day today. It finally got up to a “Get In” temperature, 84 degrees going to 85. So I took a walk around the house and spied a nice Monarch butterfly. Just as at my house in Hawthorne, CA, I have lots of milkweed planted which is what the Monarchs eat and lay their eggs on. We had lots of caterpillars and chrysalises (or is it chrysali?) around the veranda. I am watching them for the grand reveal.

Monarch In Costa Rica

Yarn Shopping In Costa Rica September 3, 2018

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For anyone interested in yarn shopping in Costa Rica while on vacation here, there is something you should know.  Most of the local shops are in little tiny stores called Pasamanerias (Spanish for Trimmings).  You wont be finding anything exclusive as the Costa Ricans don’t produce yarn, so they must import it.  All imports get a hefty 70% tariff added to the price, so its really expensive to buy some cheap acrylic (although it is imported from France).  The normal resident can’t afford these crazy prices.  For example, three Bernat Pops, one small ball of acrylic and two Susan Bates Circular needles ended up being about $52 USD, which for some Ticos is a whole weeks pay.  But if you are not daunted yet. there are a couple of these Pasamanerias in the center of downtown Cartago, Costa Rica.  Its enough of a close proximity between the stores so you can park and walk to both.  The first store had lots of trimmings, but only two sets of Boye Size 35 needles.  Can’t imagine how long those have been on their hook.  They also had lots of coned crochet thread in all kinds of colors, variegated and solids. I didn’t get any photos of that shop, maybe next time.
Here are a couple of pictures below of the other shop I visited.  The first picture is of their store front.  It shows ribbons, threads, yarn looms, Bernat Pop!, and various other treats.  This will give you a clue of what you will find inside the shop (picture #2).  A lot of people were in there and I had to take a number in order to get served (like the fabric cutting line at JoAnn’s). There are all manner of things hanging, inside cases, on the walls, just everywhere.  Oh, and not one of these stores takes credit cards, efectivo solamente (cash only).  There is a great amount of crochet supplies, and little to no knitting supplies.  I bought two of their 4 circular needles, so 2 are still left for you. Compared to what else they had in the shop, an avid knitter would go home sad. The people were in there grabbing up ribbons and other trims in Red, Whte and Blue, their national colors, because their Dia de Independencia is mid-September and everyone is decking out in those colors.  Lots of ribbon hair bows!!
If you are a truly motivated and obsessed fiber artist, there is always a store in Santa Ana (quite a drive from my mountain home).  It is the only bonifide yarn store left in Costa Rica.  I can’t give you the address because Costa Rica has no addresses – yes, in the entire country, no address, no yellow pages.  You must rely on locals who might know where stores are.  I had bought some delicious yarn from a chain of stores that held space in the big malls that cater to tourists, but I can’t find any now and I must suppose that they all closed.  Those stores had some beautiful yarn from Spain (Katia brand).
My recommendation is that you bring all your own project supplies with you on vacation and enjoy the beautiful scenery while knitting or crocheting away at your heart’s content.

Lovely Evening Tonight and New Items For My Upcoming Holiday Shows August 23, 2018

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Just a lovely evening here in Costa Rica. The sky is all golds and salmons. There’s our Gallinazo Trees on the left just to provide a little contrast. Such is a little piece of paradise!

gallinazo tree at sunset

And here are my new items for the upcoming Holiday shows this year: Mini-Poinsettia Corsages and a Mini-Mitten ornament for the tree.

Mitten and Corsage

Yes, hand knit on size 2 or 4 needles with lace weight yarn.  So darling.  I have the pin backs at home in the States, so will have to finish the corsages there.  The new ornament I am makinge for this year is the little mitten which goes onto a Christmas card.  I am knitting away by hand in the great room overlooking the pool with those.  BUT, I do have my Brother Eleganza 260, making new Dragontail Shawls and Waterfall Boleros.  And I am also doing some sewing too.  It’s a fantasy land of crafting for me down here – so peaceful and calm.

Another New Paid Pattern In Works July 2, 2018

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I am working on this new machine knit pattern with ribbon trim.  Here is the Small Size.

Fringe Benefits

So this week, I will be doing a Medium, Large and an X-Large so that there will be a span of sizes for busts measuring from 30″ to 50″.  It features an asymmetrical collar for fringing and two sleeve lengths. Busy week!!!



Project – The Waterfall Bolero July 1, 2018

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The Waterfall Bolero

By Linda Jensen of My Blue Heaven Knits

Waterfall Bolero

Description: Open front bolero with textured lapels and angel wing sleeves.  This fun bolero was knit on the Bulky machine at T=8, has minimal finishing and is one size. It uses the diamond pattern tuck stitch (#7p) in the basic pack of cards that come with the machine and the technique of short rows.  Suggested yarns are #3 or 4 Weight or Wraps Per Inch of 9 or 10 (DK, Sport or light worsted) and works well with rayon type yarns that have a drape.  I spin my own yarns for these to make them unique.  If you are petite, use a slightly heavier yarn and it won’t drape as much in front.  It will take about 560 yards.



E-Wrap cast on 50 sts

K 1 rw and with COL, engage the tuck stitch.

K 60 rws in tuck, then cancel tuck stitch.

K 4 rws


*Short row 4 ndls at a time farthest from the carriage, K 2 rws

Continue short rowing until you have only 2 sts left, K 2 rws, then push 4 ndls back into work and short row back until all ndls are in work.

K 4 rws over all ndls**

Repeat * to ** 10X more for a total of 11 short row sections (“holes”), except only knit 3 rws instead of 4 rws on last section.

COL, engage the tuck stitch.

K 60 rws, COL, cancel tuck, K 1 rw

Crochet cast off loosely, using the double gate peg method.

Finishing: Weave in ends.  Steam out work.  Tack the sleeves at the bottom points of the #2 and #4 and #8 and #10 set of “holes” where you short rowed to make the sleeves.  The fronts have one set of “holes” and the back has 3 sets of “holes”, just for your reference.  It is now ready to wear!




10X – ten times

COH – Carriage On Hold

COL – Carriage On Left

COR – Carriage On Right

K – Knit

Ndl(s) – needle(s)

Rw(s) – Row(s)

S/R – Short Row

St(s) – Stitch(es)

T – Main Tension on knitting carriage

WPI – Wraps Per Inch


The Waterfall Bolero June 24, 2018

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I am working on this new design, The Waterfall Bolero. It has cute angel wing sleeves, a nice textured lapel that drapes gracefully in front and a smooth back that dips to the waist. I have been playing with it for a couple of weeks, knitting and unraveling until I got what I liked. Now to simplify it and draft out the pattern. But I have a yarn sale today in my backyard, so it will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday….

Waterfall Bolero

Project – Machine Knit Ruched Scarf May 29, 2018

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Ruched Scarf

Ruched Scarf

By Linda Jensen of

My Blue Heaven Knits


Bulky Machine T=8

Yarn: Newlon 2/12 or any light weight yarn (lace, sport, 2/14, etc.)



Crochet Cast over 35 sts with 3 center sts Out Of Work

K 400 rws

Crochet Cast off, leaving a long tail.

Steam out.

You should have about 110-120” long by 11” wide of steamed scarf, which will end up being about 65-70” long and 10” wide when finished.

To finish, with wrong side facing you, and starting from the cast on edge, use a Size “H” crochet hook to twist 2 OOW strands under the cast on edge, to create a loop.  Next, pick up 3 OOW strands and pull through the loop.  Continue crocheting the 3 OOW strands up the center of the scarf to the top.  With the long cast off tail, weave it over to the last loop and secure it, then weave in the rest of the tail.

Here’s the Before picture after steaming out in Red, and the After picture in Blue.