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Morning In Costa Rica January 19, 2017

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We are now down at our second home in Costa Rica.  Everyone wonders why we chose to build in the mountains of the Cloud Forest instead of the hot, humid beach.  We just like it cooler and without all that humidity up here in the mountains.  It was 53 degrees here this am, and we had to put on our little space heaters, but it will warm up nicely to about 88 degrees today.  In the meantime, I thought I would let you know what is happening right now.

The song “Morning has broken….”comes to mind. Here is our Mango hummingbird. He is emerald green, has a deep blue stripe down his front (that is hard to photograph), but its his deep red tail that he flashes which identifies him. He keeps all intruders away from his feeder and that keeps him busy all day. The last pic is of our blooming Poro trees which are all around the river valley right now. We see all kinds of critters in them, feeding off what must be the most delicious orange flowers. Oropendulas (brown and yellow birds), parrots (flocks of them fill the air – they are silent when feeding but very boisterous when flying), squirrel, brown and white jays, blue and white swallow, robins, and more. Someone switched off the “rain” switch and it has suddenly turned to summer. Our pool is solar heated at 87 degrees. All ready for a stream of guests! Don’t you wish you were one of them?





New FREE Pattern Coming… January 13, 2017

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It has been quite awhile since I did a new pattern design because of foot surgery in the Summer (alas, I had no creative energy then) and then all my craft show commitments in the Fall and Holidays.  But, for those brave knitters who have kept checking back here faithfully in hopes that I would start creating again, I am going to put up a new FREE pattern for you.  I used the “Pfeilraupe” by Alpi Alpenrose as inspiration, AKA The German Arrow Scarf, but to tell you the truth, I just couldn’t bring myself to hand knit all those garter stitch rows, so I changed a few things and worked it out on a bulky machine.  I am going to call it “The Dragon Tail Shawlette”, and here are a couple of pictures for you to whet your appetite of my Red Dragon and Blue Dragon.  I will also put it on Ravelry later, but you will have first dibbs.

As you probably guessed, I made my own yarn blends from my extensive stash to get a worsted weight yarn of 11 WPI, so although I can’t quote any specific yarns, just use one that would be reminiscent of dragon skin.  The Red Dragon is a combo of three yarns: a lace weight red & metallic gold, a 2/30 acrylic in maroon and a 2/12 red acrylic.  The Blue Dragon is a combo of two yarns: a fingering weight green teal and a 2-ply teal with tiny, red crystalline fibers (I believe that this was called Northern Lights).  I like the mottled look overall instead of a flat palette of one color, but that is just me being me!

I want to be able to give you the exact needle positions for the loops for holding the tail, so I will work on that tomorrow, but here’s a peek now to encourage you to dig out some dragonish looking yarn from your stash.



Torrance Christmas Boutique Tomorrow December 10, 2016

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Here’s the flyer for the show that I will be at tomorrow, Booth #41.  It is my last show of the season, so if you want to complete your gift shopping for the holidays, come and join us.  And have yourself a merry little Christmas now!



Christmas Craft Fair Tomorrow December 3, 2016

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Hey everyone! Here’s my next show, tomorrow and a couple of us TCGers will be selling our handmade crafts. Come out to support your really SMALL business ladies trying to make this season bright for you. I will be in Booth #83 so please come by and see some of my new items – yes, new from just last weekend too. Soft and gorgeous cashmere scarves, hat, shawls and wristlets all “Upcycled” to match.


dec-3-showBow Shawlette CreamCable

Big Show Starts Tomorrow November 18, 2016

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The Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild is having their Holiday Faire tomorrow and Sunday.  I just finished 12 of my new Christmas Stockings in upcycled, felted cashmere, angora and lambswool for the Faire.  Here’s a quick pic:


Here is our flyer with all the info:



Come by my booth in the Toyota Meeting Hall and check out all my new designs.

See you there!

Fall & Holiday Shows November 4, 2016

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I will only be at the following shows this year:

5              Nov – Hawaiian Arts and Crafts, Carson

12-13      Nov – St. Jerome’s, Los Angeles

19-20     Nov – Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild 47th Annual Holiday  Faire, Torrance

3               Dec – Piecemaker’s Christmas Fair, Costa Mesa


Here are the flyers for the events.  I have NEW designs for you, so come out and support your local artists and get your holiday shopping done with unique and well made items.


Follow this link to St. Jerome’s flyer:  nov-12-13-show



Fun With Wigs, Blue Ribbons Too October 1, 2016

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Here are the the last two items I put into this year’s LA County Fair.  They also got Blue Ribbons.  The under structure is a wig cap knit on the Brother Bulky 260 machine and then, for the Red Raggedy one, fringe was hand tied in over the base.  For the Pony Tail version, long fringe was hand tied on the back and crown and pulled up into the pony tail after I-Cord was knitted all around the edges.  I was going to do I-Cord over the entire wig cap, but it really got heavy, so I finished it with the pony tail instead.  To wear these, there are clips that are hidden under the cap and secure the wig to your own hair.  Fun AND warm.  Quite a change of pace from the usual ol’ winter hats.  The Red Raggedy wig is one of my FREE patterns on this blog.

More LA County Fair Wins, 2016 October 1, 2016

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Here are the two tops that I also put into the LA County Fair. They did win Blue Ribbons, but weren’t as spectacular as my Galatica Top (the gold and white one). The sage green “Fringe Benefits” sweater was done on the Brother Bulky 260 using a linen/cotton ribbon yarn for the body and a decorative ribbon yarn in variegated autumn tones. Short pieces of this decorative, skinny ribbon were hand woven in randomly and also fringed the collar. The white lace vest hardly weighs more than a feather. That one was done with 2/30 acrylic on my standard Singer 700 with a lace carriage. It is light and delicate with a button closure, just perfect to dress up a pants outfit in hot weather (and we really have had some HOT weather here lately). Hope you like these. I have so much fun experimenting with design features and techniques. I am certainly in my BLISS when I am in my studio discovering and creating.



Won Best Of Show, LA County Fair 2016 September 30, 2016

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I couldn’t be happier if I were twins. I just got my items back from the Los Angeles County Fair (which I couldn’t get to this year because of foot surgery). I put 5 items in which all won Blue Ribbons and this one won Best Of Show for 2016. It is an original design that sprung up in my head one morning when I got the idea to do something with a “Space Age” theme. After many trials and errors, I worked out what I thought was a nice design. It is done with Paton’s Glam Stripes, a macrame gold ring and special grommets. I used my Brother Bulky 260, which is my favorite machine.


Fall 2016 Colors September 15, 2016

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Lots of Jewel Tones for Fall 2016 in the latest Pantone Color Report.  When I look at the color palette, I think that most will look great with jeans.


Check them out!