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Seminars Coming Up – Register To Attend February 20, 2019

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I will be demonstrating at these Machine Knitting Seminars this year:

13 April            MK Guild of San Francisco Bay Area : contact http://mkgsfba.org directly

This is a one day seminar. I will demo from the list below

3-4 May            Carolina’s Machine Knitting Guild : click the link below


28-29 Sep         Dallas/Ft Worth Machine Knitters Guild


Here are my lesson plans:

Braided Cables – Short rowed loops are knit first and then braided together forming an interesting garment detail.  At first glance, the garment piece looks huge and amorphous, but braiding the loops adds to the overall ease, structure and design.  This class will go through all the steps to make braided cables and how they can be used on garments and accessories.

Stranded Weaving – Take your knitting to a new level.  Here we will knit the garment and then weave the “strands” later to bring the garment into shape.  You can turn your beginner sample into a fun T-Shirt detail.  This feature turns your so-so knitting into WOW knitting that will even please your teenager.

Surface Weaving – Are you just going to knit yet another pullover?  Stop!  Use the technique of surface weaving to make it POP!! This is not only fun, it is impossible to do by hand knitting.  Make your hand knitting friends jealous and see what surface weaving can do for your next project.

Freestyle Knitting – Learn to knit separate motifs and connect them all together for a show-stopping garment.  Although these garments look crocheted, they are actually knitted using methods demonstrated in this class.  One is the Rick-Rack trim which is demonstrated as an unusual knit trim which is nice to use as a connector between motifs.  I will actually demonstrate how to do three unusual trims: Rick-Rack that looks like broomstick lace, an elongated stitch that looks like a dropped stitch and fun twisty fringe.  You probably haven’t seen these before, but I will show you how to use them in your knitting.

The Single Layer Plaid Technique, Part 1 – Not Fairisle, not jacquard, not intarsia, no ribber required.  How do you knit a one-layer plaid on the machine?  I will show you how.  In this first part, we will cover machine set-up, preparation and knitting of a rectangle.

The Single Layer Plaid Technique, Part 2 – Part of making a garment are the increases and decreases needed for shaping.  It will be complicated, but I will take you through step-by-step and putting Parts 1 and 2 together to give you the know-how to create your masterpiece – a single layer plaid jacket through machine knitting.

Short Rows on Steroids, Part 1 – I will help you through the maze of several styles of knitting short rows (at least 5 methods  and more if I have time).  There are so many uses for this technique: curving hems, ear flaps, shaping shoulders, making facings, knitting circles, corners, triangles, ruffles, “eye candy”, toes and heels for socks and slippers, and more!

Short Rows on Steroids, Part 2 – Here I will demonstrate the Wave Stitch.  So light and airy, this stitch creates holes which keep their shape.  I have used them as a design feature in many of my published patterns.  This can be used for lacy hems, hats, scarves, shawls, market bags, yokes for sweaters and airy bottoms of jackets.  Once you learn the technique, you have many ways to show it off.

I will be bringing lots of garment samples that show off these techniques.  These classes are good for a beginner to learn about the capabilities of your “new to you” knitting machine.  BUT, good for intermediate and advanced knitters who are stuck knitting boring garments and need some inspiration.  These techniques are the ones that I turn into fantastic garments that win me “Best In Show” at the Los Angeles County Fair.  Here is your chance to do a little travel, but gain a lot of knowledge and inspiration with like minded knitters.  Wherever you are, come and join us as we add new dimensions to your machine knitting skill set.


2019 Spring Shows January 14, 2019

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My Spring is lining up.  Here is where you can find me for the next few months:

9-10 Mar        Yorba Linda Woman’s Club Spring Show,                                                           4501 Casa Loma (Community Center), Yorba Linda, CA

13-17 Mar     Stock & Stuffers     220 S. Brea Blvd, Brea, CA

16 Mar           Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild Spring Show,                                                            Ken Miller Rec Center, Torrance, CA

31 Mar           Glitterfest, Event Center, 501 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA


13 Apr            Demonstrating Machine Knitting for Guild,                                                                                    San Francisco Bay Area


3-4 May          Demonstrating Machine Knitting for Carolina MK Guild,                                                            Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina


I will be bringing new felted hats and introducing my new weaving items to the craft shows.  I will also be demonstrating my LOVE of machine knitting in April and May.  Fiber Arts are really gaining popularity.  When you are knitting or weaving, you are in the Zen area of your entire existence.  It brings me total happiness.  A resolution I made for this year is learning something new and expanding my reach into the Fiber Arts.  So, I am taking some fun classes (Hat Making and Natural Dyeing with Local Plants).  The more you know, the more your universe opens to reveal its secrets.  Learn, explore and have fun.


Wallace Plaid Shawl – Yes, WEAVING!!! January 12, 2019

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Rainy day in Southern California. We really need the rain too. Just finished this Wallace Plaid Shawl, so am showing it off. I used a barrette (faux tortoise shell) as a shawl pin. The barrette (from Michael’s) has a nice blunt end, so as to not harm the yarn or weave and holds securely. Shawl done on my 20″ Ashford, using the 7.5 dent heddle, four yarns (all Impeccable worsted acrylic- nice and soft), 145 ends, 95″ shawl body with 11″ knotted fringe on both ends. I think it looks more “USC” than Wallace, but things don’t always turn out the way you planned. Sometimes happiness occurs on the detours, not at the end of the journey.

wallace plaid shawl

Weaving With Knitting Yarns December 13, 2018

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I am finally getting around to playing with my new toy: the Ashford RH SampleIt Loom AND using my Vari-Dents. I woke up today with visions in my head – of yarn of course. I had these three gorgeous yarns: 1) Black, silver, white Alp by Feza Yarns; 2) A black “Silky Wool” worsted from elsebeth lavold and 3) a white/gray super loopy “Kalinka” by schoeller + stahl.
Now these have been in my stash, the compartment known as “Do Not Touch – Too Good To Ever Use”. But, its Christmas, right? Ho,Ho,Ho. So I get to working up my heddle with the vari-dents. I used the super size 2.5 dpi for the center for the super loopy Kalinka, and edges are the worsted black Silky Wool. As you can see, it would have been impossible to do if I only had one RH. I used almost the entire skein of Feza Alp which included the fringing. So finished scarf is the ritz and I will wear it for the Nutcracker Ballet we are going to at the Segerstrom Theatre in Orange County (another of my Christmas treats). Here are the pictures. Oh, I didn’t do any wet finishing, just a nice steam from my Jiffy steamer. Now there are more visions popping in my head and I think I am going to have to dive into that Do Not Touch stash!!!

Two Shows This Weekend!! October 29, 2018

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I know this is just crazy, but I am in TWO shows this weekend.  First is the Stock & Stuffers in Fullerton.  Here’s the flyer:

S&S Oct18

Then, you can catch me LIVE at the Yorba Linda Women’s Club Show here:

Yorba Linda WC 2018 Fall Fair

You know I have been busy, so come by and see what I have up to!

Claremont Village Venture Show This Saturday, 9am to 5pm October 23, 2018

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The HUGE Claremont Village Venture is this Saturday, 9am to 5pm.  I will be in the same space as last year, #552 on First Street.  It is a very large event, so if you haven’t been at this one, please join us.

Here’s a link that provides information about the show.  See you there!




Lakewood Lollipop Show This Saturday October 16, 2018

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I will be in Space #6 in the inside Activity Room.  Since this is the first show of my season, I will be bringing all my new items.  So, that means that all the best new styles and colors are available now.  Here’s the flyer, sorry, there was no electronic version, but I took a picture of it for posting.

Lakewood 2018


Multi-Colored Beetles Live In Harmony September 28, 2018

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We have a Targua tree on our property in the mountains of Costa Rica. Such wonderful colors of all the critters there! Here’s a picture of a group of beetles that just love this tree, and look, all colors are living together in harmony…..a lesson for us all. Teals, iridescents, greens, yellows, heck, polka dots! It’s a Love-In!!

different colors living together

2018 Holiday Craft Shows September 25, 2018

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Here is when and where I will be this Holiday season.

Date                  Venue                               City                           Space/Room

Oct 20               Lakewood Lollipop       Lakewood                #6 Act Rm

Oct 27               Village Venture              Claremont               #552

Oct 31-Nov 4    Stock & Stuffers             Fullerton                 TBD

Nov 3-4             Yorba Linda Fall Faire   Yorba Linda           #602

Nov 10-11         St. Jerome’s Faire            Culver City             Activity Rm

Nov 17-18        Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild  Torrance          TBD

Nov 24-Dec22  Stock & Stuffers Christmas  Fullerton           TBD

Dec 9                 Torrance Annual Boutique  Torrance           Space A


As you can see, several haven’t sent me final booth space assignments, so I will update here on my blog as we move forward through the season.  Here is my NEW ornament for this year – the Mini Mitten, and I have lots of colors.

Mini Mitten Ornament

Also, I have knit some corsages which would be great on your lapel, hat, purse or as a special package ornament.  These are finished with felt and a pin-back, so can be used many places as a festive touch.  You can even play with the petals to get a deep 3-D effect.


Come and see all the new garments I have done – my new Waterfall Bolero design is a hit, and you know I will still be showing my Dragontail Shawls. Come early for your best color choice.

Won Best Of Show – LA County Fair 2018 September 22, 2018

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I am so happy to announce this. Photos taken through the glass cases at the LA County Fair yesterday, so they are not the greatest, but I was extremely happy to see all three of the pieces I submitted in the Machine Knitting category win a Blue Ribbon, plus a Judges Merit Award for the Plaid Jacket and the Best of Show for my Arachne’s Web top. The people who set up the displays try to group colors together in each case, so that is why the Plaid Jacket seems to have grown a red shag collar. Never mind though, it’s all good to me. It is so much fun to go to the DIY Studio to see all the best from fiber artists in this large metropolis.