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Fall 2016 Colors September 15, 2016

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Lots of Jewel Tones for Fall 2016 in the latest Pantone Color Report.  When I look at the color palette, I think that most will look great with jeans.


Check them out!

What Was That? August 25, 2016

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So we are in the pool today (a too warm 90 degree one), and we are looking at the birdfeeder by the papaya when out pops this squirrel. HUH??

Mark saw one a year or so ago, but since it hadn’t reappeared, we both thought that a hawk or vulture got it. But no, it was having some of the available banana, then ran back down the papaya tree trunk into the heliconia underbrush. We are getting some great birds, butterflies, dragonflies and now squirrels.


A Trip Around Our Garden August 12, 2016

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I took a walk around our house in Costa Rica to see how all the plants are doing since we left. Everything is just bursting out color. Butterflies and birds wizz around unconcerned about our presence. The large Oropendulas, Brown Jays, blue and white swallows, and our nightly “singer” are all here and thriving. Our gardener says the Oropendulas will be building nests in our Poro trees soon. These are heavy woven, pendulus sacks, quite a sight to see. Hummers are also all about. I put up two feeders for them close to my window so I can see their antics. All is well and right with the world down here, peaceful and green. Ahhhh, we are letting the relaxation sweep over us.


Do Something Good For Someone Today August 7, 2016

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Once upon a time (OK, two years ago), I put out a over-ripe papaya for the birds to feast on in Costa Rica. Now, two years have passed and the birds have rewarded me with a tree full of papaya as a return of my favor. I am reminded of the old adage, “Whatever you give, comes back to you tenfold”. So, as you pass your day today, do something for someone else and although you wont exactly know when or where, your kindness will be returned to you tenfold, or in my case, fifty fold.

Fairy Tale Jacket and Mermaid Tail Shawl August 4, 2016

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You can see I have been “away” from posting for quite awhile.  Well, this is what happens when you decide to get surgery to fix an ever increasing pain in your foot.  I had to have a toe fusion (yeah, with titanium screws) because I lost the cartilage in my big toe joint – the one where all your weight goes when you walk, run, etc.  It had been getting worse over the last 5 years, so I made the decision to get surgery.  I know it was stupid to not do my homework on the length of recovery for this operation.  Since this was a genetic thing, my brother recently got his fixed and was only incapacitated for a week or so.  I was expecting the same treatment, but no, I had to have a more permanent fix.  This caused me to be in a hard, non-weight bearing cast for 5 weeks.  Think about that – being one-legged with a 20lb cast on the opposite foot up to the knee, that I couldn’t put on the floor and had to be elevated 99% of the time – 5 WEEKS!!!.  I wasn’t prepared for that level of incapacitation.  I had been a ball of energy one day and laid low the next.  Oh the humanity!!

And I wasn’t too creative because of all the pain going on down there.  Then, when I got the cast off, all my other 25 joints in the foot and ankle had frozen up from non-use.  A month of painful therapy got me walking again.  But then my creativity started popping and I was working out a new idea to greatly enhance another boxy jacket done on the Standard machine by Bill King.  I added sizes, more shaping, ruffles, tails, button closures, changed gauge, added new and more available yarns and then made a separate shawl design based on the jacket pattern.  Hence, the Fairy Tale Jacket and Mermaid Tail Shawl.  I took some quick pics of two samples.  I am working on sizes, what yarns to use and refining details.  I should have it down soon and will put it on my Etsy site when it’s finished.  The “Sugarplum” Fairy Tale Jacket is in Patons’ Lace Sequin yarn (3 skeins) and the Mermaid Tail Shawl is done in either one skein of JoAnn’s Rainbow Boucle or Lion Brand’s new Shawl in a Ball.  I am also working a long sleeve Fairy Tail in Patons’ Glam Stripes.  Sizes go from Small to X-Large.


Project – Raggedy Wig Hat – Machine Knit April 16, 2016

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For everyone that wanted this fun Raggedy Wig Hat, I have made a couple of these to hone the instructions and demonstrated it for my Cone Connection Machine Knit Club at Newton’s Knits in Anaheim, CA.

Red Raggedy Wig

Raggedy Wig Hat

                By Linda Jensen

Bulky Machine: T=6

Red Heart Yarn = one skein (8oz.), solid color


Wig Hat Base

E-wrap 16 needles (ndls)  (L7 – 0 – R9), K 2 rows (rws)

Begin Short Rows:

*Carriage On Hold (COH) Short Row (S/R) 1 ndl farthest from the carriage, EOR, 7X

Cancel Hold, K 2 rws.**

Repeat * to ** one more time.

E-Wrap 10 more ndls closest to the carriage.

Continue * to ** 5 more times.

Cast off all ndls.


Sew up top seam and hole.  Steam lightly on a head block.

Cut fringe:  16” lengths for fringe around the head and 8” lengths for the bang area (triangle from top of hole to both sides of wig base.  Start at lowest bottom row, hanging two strands of fringe about ½ “ apart.  Each row will be about ½ “ up from there.  Keep bang area unfringed until all the longer fringe is tied, then complete the bangs in that triangle area.

After fringing complete, try on wig and cut bangs to your preferred length, leave all other fringe “raggedy”.  Add bobby pins or clips inside to secure to your own hair underneath the cap.  Optional: if you have no hair, weave in elastic around the edge to hold it onto your head.

New Items For Cherry Blossom Festival – Tomorrow!! April 2, 2016

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Tomorrow is the Cherry Blossom Festival and I will be in Booth #7. Here are some new things I have been working on that you will have fun trying on tomorrow.

First, for your consideration, some cute Raggedy Knit Wigs. These have a knit cap underneath that fit to your head. Also, I will have my hand knit “Flip” wigs, some with Elf Ears for fantasy and fun.

Second, I have been working on Knitted Headbands (inside are metal headband structures that wont break like the plastic ones). These are decorated with crocheted flowers or felt or ribbon bows.

Then, I must admit that I have a huge stash of the most beautiful yarns that I have made into Yarn Hair Falls to enhance or add too your own hair style! I have them in so many fabulous colors, in Long, Medium and Short lengths to mix and match, layer and twirl, clip or pin – for any length hair.

Stop by and see all the wonderful events at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Colombia Park (cross streets in Torrance are 190th and Prairie) and of course, come by and try some of these beauties on – you will love them!

2016 Cherry Blossom Fest flyer final (1) (1)

Red Raggedy Wig

Knit Wig

Flowered Headbands

Long Yarn Fall

TODAY- Spring Craft Show March 19, 2016

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Hello, everyone.  Today is the Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild Spring Show.  Flyer attached.  I will be in the Assembly Room, Space #10, so come out and see all my new creations!

2016_SPRING_flyer_8.5x11_101516_r1Knit WigFringe Benefits

The Parrots Are Here! February 12, 2016

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We are back in Costa Rica right now and it has been raining, or more like drizzling about 1″ per day.  Now is the time that the Poro trees start to bloom and we have MANY of them on our property.  Besides the usual birds we are seeing (hummers, saltators, robins, kiskadees, blue and gray tanagers, palm tanagers, red-rumped tanagers, collared sparrows, oropendulas), we now have parrots coming in to eat the orange Poro flowers on the trees.  Can you spot the parrot in the picture?  It is a Red-Lored Parrot (has red feather on forehead, a light beak and blends into the leaves with the overall green plumage, but also has red and blue feathers on the wings.  Also, along with these are the Mealy Parrots, green overall with black heads.  They make quite a racket with they are flying in their groups, but are quiet in the trees as they munch away on the delicious flowers.

red lored parrot eats poro flower

Working On New Items For Spring Fairs January 27, 2016

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TCG Fall Faire 2015

I am not sure I have recovered yet from the Holidays, family visits, parties and etc.  We are having our Landscaping Architect work on our new backyard so it has been hectic.  We lost three birch trees (they were dying all over the area due to drought), and decided to do a Mediterranean backyard like our front yard, with a new, larger patio with flagstones, drought tolerant plants, new sprinkler system and lighting.  Also, January is our month for doing taxes, both California Sales Tax for my business and then Federal and State Income taxes.  Oh, and we are also packing for Costa Rica in the midst of all this.

But I did spend some time in the studio (My Blue Heaven) to escape all the madness outside.  I am developing a new pattern, “Fringe Benefits”, since fringe is all the rage right now.  Here are a couple of pics of my current versions.  The black one is a rayon boucle mixed with a 2/30 black acrylic and the fringe is Incredible ribbon by Lion Brand.  So sorry they have discontinued that ribbon, but you can easily by one ball on EBay.  The second one in Blue is a triple strand of mixed medium blue skinny boucles and the fringing is done with one skein of Hobby Lobby’s Special Effects.  I think they still make that yarn, but you can also get it on EBay.

Fringe Benefits

FB Ver2I need to refine it more, but I can work on it in Costa Rica where I will have some peace and quiet.  Finding yarns that are available to knitter’s everywhere are my problem right now.  I usually have to make MANY different versions to get what I see in my mind’s eye of the finished project.

Also, I am hand knitting a few wig hats for the spring, when I need to take a break from designing at the machine:

Knit Wig

I will be doing them in several colors, but also enhancing them with crocheted flowers, clip-on butterflies, headbands of all types – my imagination knows no bounds.  This is not my pattern though – it is called the Flick and you can get the hand knitting pattern on Ravelry, but I added more “flip” at the bottom and bangs.