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Yarn Sale Continues Tomorrow, 9-3 July 14, 2018

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Yarn Sale Tomorrow, 9am to 3pm. The weather is a little better than last weekend, so come on by and see what’s new. I knit a couple of my Waterfall Boleros out of my Designer Cakes and they came out beautiful. I have to remember to keep one for myself!

Where: Hawthorne, CA. – Backyard
When: Sundays in July, 9-3

Follow the signs on El Segundo Blvd, La Cienega, Aviation or 120th Street. Designer Cakes are $5, regular yarn is $3 per pound, and skeins are $2 each. I have some very special, fancy skeins (hand-tied with beads, organza, leather leaves) for $5 each. Bring your own bags and stock up.

D CakesDesCakes


Yarn Sale Tomorrow – CANCELLED!! July 8, 2018

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It is just too hot to shop for yarn.  Still have three Sundays in July left, so hope the weather is kinder to us all.

Another New Paid Pattern In Works July 2, 2018

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I am working on this new machine knit pattern with ribbon trim.  Here is the Small Size.

Fringe Benefits

So this week, I will be doing a Medium, Large and an X-Large so that there will be a span of sizes for busts measuring from 30″ to 50″.  It features an asymmetrical collar for fringing and two sleeve lengths. Busy week!!!



Sunday – July 1 – Backyard Yarn Sale June 29, 2018

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Attention all fiber artists!  I set up every Sunday for my Back Yard Yarn Sales. During every week this summer, I am continuing to bring out new yarn and make new Designer Cakes for knitters, crocheters, weavers and other artists.  I have skeins for only $2, larger cones for $3 per pound and some fancy hand tied skeins and ultraplush for $5 per skein.  The Designer Cakes I made this week are pictured – color rich and intense, these should make your items sing.  See photos below – Reds, greens, blues, yellows.
Where: 5402 W. 122nd Street, Hawthorne, CA
When: Every Sunday in June and July, 9am to 3pm
What: Bring your shopping bag – I take all forms of payment through Square
Take the El Segundo exit off the 405 Freeway and follow the signs to the best deal in town.

The Waterfall Bolero June 24, 2018

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I am working on this new design, The Waterfall Bolero. It has cute angel wing sleeves, a nice textured lapel that drapes gracefully in front and a smooth back that dips to the waist. I have been playing with it for a couple of weeks, knitting and unraveling until I got what I liked. Now to simplify it and draft out the pattern. But I have a yarn sale today in my backyard, so it will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday….

Waterfall Bolero

Yarn Sale Tomorrow, 9am-3pm June 23, 2018

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More YARN came out of the barn and will be ready for your consideration tomorrow, Sundays, as ever, 9am-3pm. I am finding more skeins every day! Come see the latest additions and bring your shopping bags.

Where: Follow signs from Aviation, La Cienega, 120th Street or El Segundo – Hawthorne CA

When: Sundays throughout June and July, 9am-3pm


Summer Yarn Sales Begin Sunday!! June 15, 2018

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I am famous for my backyard yarn sales.  Sure the passerbys see a sign that says, “Yarn Sale” by my driveway, but they read it as YARD Sale and come in to see what I have.  My demographics are knitters, crocheters, weavers and fiber enthusiasts who, although they don’t really need yarn, they really like yarn in all its forms to draw inspiration and ideas.  So starting on Sunday, come join the other avid fiber artists and bring your shopping bags.  I have metallics, boas, eyelash and all kinds of novelty yarns that you can’t find in stores today, plus all the basic types of yarn and of course, my designer cakes that I spin up from several strands.

When: Sundays starting June 17 through July 29, 9am to 3pm

Where: Hawthorne, CA – Follow the signs from El Segundo, Aviation or La Cienega



Project – Machine Knit Ruched Scarf May 29, 2018

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Ruched Scarf

Ruched Scarf

By Linda Jensen of

My Blue Heaven Knits


Bulky Machine T=8

Yarn: Newlon 2/12 or any light weight yarn (lace, sport, 2/14, etc.)



Crochet Cast over 35 sts with 3 center sts Out Of Work

K 400 rws

Crochet Cast off, leaving a long tail.

Steam out.

You should have about 110-120” long by 11” wide of steamed scarf, which will end up being about 65-70” long and 10” wide when finished.

To finish, with wrong side facing you, and starting from the cast on edge, use a Size “H” crochet hook to twist 2 OOW strands under the cast on edge, to create a loop.  Next, pick up 3 OOW strands and pull through the loop.  Continue crocheting the 3 OOW strands up the center of the scarf to the top.  With the long cast off tail, weave it over to the last loop and secure it, then weave in the rest of the tail.

Here’s the Before picture after steaming out in Red, and the After picture in Blue.




Stock and Stuffers Show – Brea, CA May 25, 2018

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I will be at this show with new kitchen craft items.  I will have my Farmhouse Aprons, embroidered kitchen towels along with my new Dressed-Up Towels.  Here’s the flyer:

S&S ShowMay18

I set up the table I am bringing in my front room.  Here’s some pictures of what I will have, for your consideration:

May 2018 Seminar In San Diego May 7, 2018

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Had a great time with some creative thinking knitters in San Diego this past weekend.  I hope everyone learn some tips along the way too.  Norman Koshak and crew from Newton’s Knits in Anaheim brought some great yarns and equipment to tempt even the most veteran knitters also – yeah, including myself.  Oh, such a beautiful display, we were kids in a candy store.

So, my husband was able to take some pictures on the second day while I was demonstrating the ins and outs of my new Perfect Plaid Jacket.  I didn’t notice the picture taking, I was too busy trying to keep my mind focused on the knitting.  I was so glad that they had a close up camera system set up so everyone could see my demos.  I am hoping that everyone who got my patterns will enjoy them.  I had 6 boxes of give-away magazines, books, video tapes and patterns for everyone to take with them.  My car was much lighter coming back home, so thank you San Diego Machine Knitting Guild for the wonderful weekend.  Keep knitting, keep creating and keep dreaming about all the beautiful knits you will be making.  See you next time!