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New Coats and Jackets – Patterns Coming September 30, 2017

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Here’s some quick pics of my new coats and jackets, but I am still working on another version of the jacket which I am making in a Small-Medium Size. I will be writing a pattern for the coat and another for the jacket. I hope everyone will like them. I spun all my own yarns for the coats as they needed to be thick and dense. Finished, they weigh a lot, but that is what you want for an outer garment. For the jacket, I am using Caron’s new Big Cake in the Plum Pudding color. They are lighter in weight. I am also doing another one with a interesting hand manipulated plaid – trying to finish that one by tomorrow. I will put a pic up when I am done with it.


Holiday Craft Shows, Oct-Dec 2017 September 23, 2017

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I have received spaces for all the shows that I want to do this season.  Mark your calendars:

October – 14 – Piecemaker’s Harvest Fair, 1720 Adams Ave., Costa Mesa – 9am-4pm

Oct14, 2017

October 21 – 25th Annual Lakewood Lollipop Lane Craft Boutique

Mayfair Park, 5720 Clark Ave., Lakewood CA. 9am-3pm  – I will be inside the Activity              Room, Space #7

Oct 21, 2017


October 28 – Claremont Village Venture

Downtown Claremont, 9am – 5pm – I will post Space Info later


November 4-5 – Yorba Linda Woman’s Club Fall 2017 Craft Fair – 9am – 3pm

YL Community Center (Casa Loma & Imperial Hwy)

I will be in Activity Room B, Space 602

November 11-12 – St. Jerome Parish Holiday Craft Faire – 9am – 2pm

(Flyer to follow)

November 18-19 – Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild Fall Faire – 9am – 4pm

Torrance Cultural Center – (Flyer to follow)

December 2 – Piecemaker’s Christmas Fair

1720 Adams Ave., Costa Mesa – 9am-3pm – (Flyer To Follow)

December 10 – Torrance Christmas Boutique

Wilson Park, Corner of Crenshaw and Del Amo – 9am – 4pm – (Flyer To Follow)








Best Of Show, LA County Fair, 2017 September 22, 2017

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Went to the Fair today.  Usually it is hot, but today, cool and breezy.  Rain threatened all day, but no rain happened, probably because I carried my umbrella all day.  So, checking my DIY Studio entries, I won Best Of Show rosette ribbon for my Gold Dreamcatcher top and the Judge’s Award rosette for my Mermaid Jacket.  I spun the yarns from several ends for both creations and you can find the patterns in my Etsy shop.  I also won a Blue Ribbon for my Dragon Tail Shawlette (free pattern here on my Blog), and another Blue for my Zombie vest.  My Tribal Collar won a Red Ribbon and I will have fun wearing that to some of my knitting events.

OK, so I tried to take pictures through the glass, but they didn’t come out too well, so later I will post some more professional pictures when my husband can take them in a studio setting.

Here is a sneak peek of my Golden Dreamcatcher (although they are also displaying a shawl over one shoulder which was make by another submitter):

Gold Dream Catcher

I know, not the best picture.  More to follow……

Avispas Alerta!! September 12, 2017

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So, part of the joy of being surrounded by Nature, is that sometimes Nature gets all up in your stuff. OK, so this morning it was another glorious Costa Rican morning and I filled up the hummingbird feeders as usual. All was happy and bright. We leave the house for awhile to enjoy a meal with some friends, and when we get back, I see that the feeder has turned from bright red to black. HUH?? I sent dear Hubby out to do a quick inspection and what do you know? Nature has moved in – a swarm of wasps if you can’t make out what you are looking at. So we quickly take a “I can’t believe my eyes” picture, close the doors, and wait for the next rain shower and possibly evening to set in, hoping that the next time I go out to refresh the feeders, all will be happy and bright again. Wish me luck!!

avispas (1)

Coat Design, Version 2 September 10, 2017

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I am down in my Costa Rican studio working on my new coat patterns in the peace and serenity of gentle rains and lots of birds and butterflies (but I do have to also mention the spiders of unusual large size too – ugh! these scare the petutees out of me when I see them).

Yes, well let’s get back to something much nicer to contemplate. Remember that coat, which I am going to call “Half and Half” that I finished before I left California to come down here?  I put a pic below for comparison.  This next version has the Wave pattern on the lapels and cuffs and adds a nice dimensional detail.  I am also working on one more style before I publish the pattern, called Day and Night.  I wore out two of my plastic carriages down here on these self-made coat weight yarns (Great Caesar’s Ghost!).  I guess I will have to bring my workhorse Brother 260 Bulky down to replace these two (Brother 400 Convertible and Brother KX- 350).  I didn’t know before, but I tried the 350 carriage on the 400 and it worked, that is until I wore away some of the plastic and it got really hard to use, just like what happened to my 400 carriage.  It seemed like I could use that mid-gauge carriage on the convertible bed and to my surprise, it did work.  Oh well, now they are both blown, so you are probably going to tell me, “Are you satisfied with yourself now?”  Anyway, I only got about 60% of the last Day and Night version done, so it will have to wait until I get home.  Ah, the joys of discovery and the agony of defeat.


Half and Half Coat

Coat With Wave Lapels

Coat with Dimensional Wave Lapels and Cuffs

Rare Sight – The Variegated Squirrel August 29, 2017

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This Variegated Squirrel has made a home somewhere on our Costa Rican property.  I must say that is quite a feat since he (or she) has not gotten eaten yet by other predators. We saw him rarely over the last couple of years, but since we have planted many fast growing trees, he has something to provide cover and safe haven against becoming a part of the food chain here.  His variegation probably helps greatly, kinda like squirrel camoflage.  He comes to the bird feeder to get his banana every day, sometimes making a couple of trips to check on my progress of replenishing the bread and bananas.  The big Brown Jays hog up most of the bread – a whole gang of them swoop down from the trees to devour it in the afternoon.  But they don’t touch the bananas, so the many types of tanagers, kiskadees and butterflies take the bananas, except now, I put out two bananas, one for the squirrel and one for everyone else.  After he ate sufficiently from this banana, he carried off the rest, maybe to save for another day?  It is quite the drama everyday at my Costa Rican hideaway.

variegated squirrel

Solar Culmination Day In Costa Rica August 28, 2017

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April 12th and ​August 30th ​area unique celestial day​s at our Costa Rica location
At 11:36am your shadow will ​seem to ​disappear for a moment and reappear as the earth rotates a bit farther. That is because the sun is directly overhead, which can only happen in the tropics. Today was clear enough to capture the phenomenon under our giant sundial.


Green Breasted Mango and Blue and White Swallows – Costa Rica, Aug 2017 August 12, 2017

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Here’s a quick pic of a juvenile Green Breasted Mango. Kinda different with its blue throat patch coming in nicely. You might have to expand the picture because he wouldn’t let me get too close.

I am sitting here at my computer as I type this and count 17 blue and white swallows perching on our internet wire. There has just been a rain, and they are all fluffing and preening themselves. I grabbed a pic of them off the internet because they are always in flight or at an angle where I can’t capture their color, but this pic is very near to what I am seeing on my wire. There are scores of them scooping up insects in the air as they swoop. So Cute!

Rainy Days in Costa Rica August 11, 2017

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We have been down at our second home in Costa Rica for a couple of days now, working on getting the car up to snuff for our annual inspection. It is the rainy season, and with the rain comes cooler weather. I have seen many birds at the various feeders: blue/gray tanagers, Passerini tanagers, oropendulas, parrots, brown jays, palm tanagers, saltators, the requisite sparrows, and of course brilliant yellow/tan kiskadees. On my hummingbird feeders, I have seen the Green Mango’s, Blue Throated Goldentails and the tiny little Green Thorntails which mainly stick to the porterweed. I took a couple of pics: one of the kiskadee wondering where the rest of the banana went to (we have a darling squirrel who can go through a good sized banana in no time at all – my hunch is when I wasn’t looking, he came and got it). The other pic is of the Green Mango male at the feeder, brilliant in the morning sun with emerald greens and with a blue & black stripe down its chest. Sorry to say, you can see his magnificence from this angle. It is nice to see that these birds don’t abandon the area when we leave and end feeding them. There are so many blooming flowers and plants that they just shift their feeding to the natural sources, albeit, it takes more energy than sitting on my, what may seem, limitless supply of delicious nectar holding feeders.

New Coat Pattern In Design Phase August 3, 2017

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I am working on a machine knit pattern for this beauty. Also will be making a few for my upcoming craft shows. It will be a busy season as I am trying to be in a show each weekend from early October through mid-December. These coats take a lot of yarn and a lot of time, but they are totally gorgeous too.