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Project – Drapy Shawl – Machine Knit October 3, 2013

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Draped Wrap/Shawl
Machine: Bulky
Yarn: Flash or yarn that will drape when knit, like Rayon boucle
Punchcard: #7 – Diamond Tuck Pattern
Dimensions: 36″ X 74″
Main Body:
E-wrap cast on 80sts
Knit in tuck pattern for 335 rows
Cancel Tuck, Knit 1 row
Cast Off using the Double Gate-Peg method (wrap leading yarn back over two gate pegs instead of one)

Crochet cast on 10sts, leaving a long tail to sew to body
T=2, Knit a 4″ long piece
Crochet cast off, leaving a long tail to sew to body

Drape over Dress Form. Arrange the loop at an angle on the left side so it pulls up the left side into gathers and stitch through all thicknesses to secure. Stitch other end of piece to form a loop. Pull the right side end of body through the loop to wear.




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