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Project – The Foxy Cowl – Hand Knit

Magenta Blue CowlBlueFox CowlFoxy Cowl

FOXY COWL by Linda Jensen

of myblueheavenknits.wordpress.com

Pattern Notes: A new yarn came out recently and you know I had to experiment with it.  It is very silky, smooth fur.  I bought several to try it out and I made the hand knit pattern below of the one I liked the best.  Try it and put a picture of it up on Ravelry!


Needles: Size 13, circular 24″, 29″ or 36″


Yarn 1 (Fur Yarn): 1 skein Ice “Smooth Fur”, color is Brown/Copper

(also out there is Lion Brand “Romance”, but you need 2 skeins)

Yarn 2: 1 skein Red Heart Boutique “Midnight”, color is Harvest Moon

Additional Notions: One marker, tapestry needle

With Yarn 1, cast on 91 sts and join in the round (that is, knit stitches #1 and #91 together). Place Marker.

Row 1 – Knit

Row 2 – Purl

Row 3 – Knit

Row 4 – Purl

Rows 5 through 8 – Change to Yarn 2, and Knit, knitting in ends

Rows 9 through 12 – Purl

Rows 13 through 16 – Knit

Rows 17 through 20 – Purl

Rows 21 through 24 – Knit

Row 25 – Change to Yarn 1, and Knit, knitting in ends

Row 26 – Purl

Row 27 – Knit

Row 28 – Purl

Cast off loosely all stitches and weave in ends securely with a tapestry needle.  (For my loose cast off, I purl 2 stitches together, then transfer the stitch I just made on the right hand needle, back over to the left hand needle, and repeat.)

BlueFox Cowl

This is another version – The Blue Fox Cowl, knit using Lion Brand’s Romance yarn (2 Balls)  in the color of “Grey Shades” and Red Heart’s Boutique yarn, Midnight (1 skein) in the color of “Misty”.  So soft and beautiful, I think I will keep one of these just for myself.

Also, if you don’t like the “jog” in the knitting pattern when you switch from knit to purl sections (and the purl to knit ones too), then try this to minimize the jump:  slip the very last stitch in the section, right before the marker, slip the marker and continue as stated in the pattern.  You will see that the sections no longer “jog”, but transition smoothly.

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