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Project – Shawl Gone Wild – Hand Knit

My Philosophy is to collect odd skeins in complementary colorways using the following opposite type yarns:
Ribbon – Fluffy Eyelash
Sparkly – Dull

Smooth – Shaggy

Dark – Light

Thick – Thin

Single Strand – Multi-Strand

Variegated – Solid Color

Opaque – Translucent

When you have 8 or 9 of the above, you are ready to begin your shawl using a Size 13 circular needle (29“ is OK, but 32“ is better). I use the following row progression:

Rows Yarn Number

5          #1

1          #2

3          #3

1          #4

5          #5

1          #6

3          #7

1          #8

The rows are all ODD because that builds in your fringe automatically. At the end of each color yarn, you measure a 9” tail of the yarn you just knit and cut it, then start knitting the next yarn color leaving a matching 9” tail, tying them together with an overhand knot and then a surgeon’s knot. Voila! Instant fringe!! You can embellish the fringe at the end with any leftover yarns. In the pictures, I have finished off the Tropical Sunset shawl adding fringe as I liked. On the Pink Parfait, I haven’t finished the fringing yet, just so you can see the difference.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you only use 8 yarns – you can double strand two skinny ones to make one, or add in an extra single row to make the overall 7” repeat. You keep repeating the row progression until you have the depth and width you prefer. On the Tropical Sunset Shawl, I used an extra single row in the middle of the progression of a fabulous variegated/metallic yarn and alternated two yarns for #7 (deep purple ribbon/eyelash was one yarn and the other was a fluffy eyelash in fuschia for the next progression- see picture) – so 10 yarns in all for the 6 repeats of the row progressions making it quite long, so maybe only 5 repeats would be best.

Pattern for Shawl Gone Wild 
Cast on 3 sts
*K1, Inc +1 on next st, K rest of row**

Repeat * to ** until desired depth and width.

Cast Off all sts.  I like the “purl 2Tog, move the st on the right needle back to the left needle and then repeat”.  It makes a very elastic final edge.

Add to Automatic Fringe as desired.

NOTE: On the last progression (the 5th), you can increase as usual at the beginning and then another +1 on the next to the last knit stitch to make it wider than the 100 sts if you have enough yarn left and want it about 120 sts wide. Also, you can do a 2 row final yarn that will feel nice against the skin on the cast off edge.

Tropical Sunset Shawl


Tropical Sunset Shawl – Closeup of Progression

Pink Parfait Shawl



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