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Project – Machine Knit Dog Leash

I don’t know about you, but maybe you have some little bits and pieces of good yarn that you can’t bring yourself to throw away?  I have a blind dog and I have to lead her everywhere (OK, maybe she’s trained me to THINK she needs leading and just wants my company).  Because she let’s me know she wants to go for a walk, sometimes at 1:00 in the morning, I have had more than one occasion where I needed a bunch of leashes, one for my night robe, one in my coat pocket, etc. I also have MANY little bits of yarn leftover from projects, so one day I dreamed up this idea that I could put my need for extra leashes and all those little bits of yarn together and of course, it really worked out nicely. Here’s a picture of her with it at the bottom of this post.  She got all excited when I looped it through her collar, and I had to wait to take the picture until she settle down again.  It has loops at both ends which allows some flexibility in length.  To use it, simply run one end through the collar and hold both loops in your hand for half length, or loop one handle through the collar and also through the other end loop to use it single length. It was quick to knit on the machine (about 15 minutes total including finishing). Here’s the pattern.

Dog Leash

Machine: Bulky MachineTension: 8 or 9 Yarn:  Small amount of worsted weight Cast on 10 stsKnit 50 rows Hang hem from original cast on row. Knit to RC250 Mark row for hem Knit to RC300 Hang hem on marked row Knit 1 row to close. Bind off. Weave in ends securely.   That’s it!  Try one.  It is strong, washable, rollable and very portable!  Also, made in neon colors, it is very visible in low light – perfect for those evening walks and crossing streets.  Drivers can see you and your dog better.  Enjoy using up all those little bits and pieces of yarn too!



1. Vickie Litterell - June 14, 2013

I’m very new to machine knitting….what does the RC250 and RC300 mean?

myblueheavenknits - June 15, 2013

Oh, RC is short for Row Count, that is knit to row count 250, or 300. I am happy to see beginning knitters as I do specialize in doing patterns for you. Just fun and easy without the need for all kinds of extra equipment. Enjoy!

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