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Project – Loop D’ Loop Scarf – Machine Knit

Black LoopDLoopLoop ‘D Loop Scarf

      by Linda Jensen of My Blue Heaven Knits

Bulky Machine, T=8  (or try “Every Other Needle” on the Standard Machine)

Yarns:  About  100 yds Butterfly Specialty yarn, or any other specialty yarn that will knit

Gauge is not important for this project


Loop D’ Loop Scarf Directions

Pull out L16 + L15, 6 center needles (L3 –  R3), and R15 + R16

E-Wrap these needles leaving a 12″ tail.  Place small claw weights over ends and middle   stitches,and move weights up as you knit        every 40 rows or so.

Load yarn into carriage and knit entire skein/ball leaving about one yard of yarn.

When you are about 1 yard from the end, cast off center 6 stitches ONLY, leaving a long tail.



Remove work from machine carefully.  Lay out knitting flat over a surface such as an ottoman, table or upholstered chair in front of you, starting from the rows knitted last.  Unravel two loops from one side of the work and two loops from the other side.  Tie one overhand knot, and then tie one surgeon’s knot (for a surgeon’s knot, you start with the overhand knot, but you wrap two times through instead of one).  Continue tying the work together until the end where you may only have one loop on each side left, so tie those together also.  With the long tails, sewing the ends of the loop together and weave them invisibly into the core of the loop d’ loop scarf.  You will end up with a tube core and secured long loops which will form a very nice scarf.

To wear, you can loop the scarf twice or three times if you had a skein that was longer than 100 yards.




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