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Project – Linda’s Keyhole Scarf – Machine Knit

I have converted my hand knit version of the key hole scarf for you.  So easy and fun to do – Try it!

Linda’s Machine Knit Keyhole Scarf

by Linda Jensen, My Blue Heaven Knits, Nov 2012

Bulky Machine – Brother 260

Tension – 9 or 10 depending on yarn

Yarn – fuzzy eyelash such as Moda Dea’s Vixen, Dream, or other novelty yarn, about 120 yds. if you want

to include the optional ruffle on the ends.

Measurements – About 38″ overall, 8″ to keyhole from one end, 30″ from other end (includes ruffle)

Gauge is not too important for this project

Keyhole Scarf

Crochet Cast On 24 stitches (sts)

Knit  30 rows (rws)

Take sts off on waste yarn (do not cut MY) and rehang on 12 ndls, doubling sts across the row

Remove waste yarn and then Knit 4 rws

Row 35 – hand knit through 4 sts, cast off next 4 sts, and then hand knit through last 4 sts.  Remove

the cast off sts from the gate pegs if your machine has them.

Row 36 – hand knit through 4 sts, cast on 4 sts, and then hand knit through last 4 sts.  Place weights

so the work will knit off.

Knit 4 rws, then begin +1 Increases, both sides, every row to 24 sts.

RC000, K 100 rws (measure here and if too short, add more rows)

Cast off.  Weave in ends.

Steaming is not usually needed as you want a slight roll in the scarf.  Scarf is worn doubled around neck and one end is slipped through keyhole in other end.

Optional: Do a 1″ ruffle across bottom of both ends with two hdc or dc in each cast on and cast off stitch.  Weave in ends.  Steam ruffle out gently.

Abbreviations:  MY = Main Yarn, ndls = needles, hdc = half double crochet, dc = double crochet



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