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Torrance Wilson Park Fair – This Sunday! December 3, 2019

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I will be in Space #A with NEW knits, of course. The link for the flyer is below. Hope to see you there!

Torrance Christmas Boutique Flyer 2019 (1)

Project – The Harlequin Scarf November 25, 2019

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Here’s a fun knit I just created to use up the ends of skeins or cones of yarn. The link is below this picture for this FREE pattern. It is my Happy Holiday gift to my subscribers. Enjoy!!

Harlequin Scarf Pic

Harlequin Scarf Pattern

Perfect Plaid Pattern Errata November 25, 2019

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I am posting here since some of you have purchased this pattern during seminars this and last year. I just caught a couple of typos on Pages 5 and 6, on the sleeve directions.  I have updated the pattern.  Just a couple of changes to the directions for the sleeve:

Page 5, Paragraph second from the bottom should read:
“RC004, Start sleeve increases, +1 st, both sides EVERY 4th (3rd) rw to 80 (86)sts.”

Page 6, Last line should read:
“RC096 (Sm-Med = 80sts) (Lg-XLg = 86sts). Cast off all sts.”


How About That School Bus Yellow – New Pop Color Of The Season October 16, 2019

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My favorite go-to top for pants is my Cutie Pie pattern. I have several in my wardrobe, but of course, I needed one in today’s hot-hot-hot school bus yellow to go with my gray pants and I found the perfect velvet ribbon to match the color of the pants. Such an easy fit on this one because it is a raglan. I used 4 skeins of Dark Horse Fantasy in yellow, which is a #4 weight in 50% Nylon and 50% Acrylic (205 yds each and I had some left from the Large size), on the Bulky machine, Tension 7 – feels real spongy when knit up. This new yellow is the POP color of the season, so you will see it everywhere.

The pattern is on my Etsy site:


Yellow Cutie Pie

2019 Best Of Show – LA County Fair September 19, 2019

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I was so happy to go to the fair yesterday and look through the DIY Studio display cases for what everyone submitted for this years competitions. I always try and do something unexpected, so I entered a beautiful “Ribbons and Bows” ivory pullover, a black and silver Boho Shawl, and three handwoven items, purse, shawl and scarf. Ribbons on all items including a “Pop Culture” pink one for the handwoven shawl. Pop Culture was the theme of the fair this year. It was a beautiful day, 81 degrees with a nice breeze and the aromas of all the fair food booths. We didn’t go for anything fried, but went for the chicken kabobs with veggies (delish!) and to top it off, a soft serve dish of Dole Pineapple ice cream. I don’t know how they made that, but it was tangy to the last spoon! Probably not on the diet though (sigh). When I get the items back home, I will rephotograph them better, but here is the Best Of Show one taken through the display glass. Please ignore the red hat – I think they over accessorized there. I am attaching a picture of the unadorned one too which I took right after I finished it. Love this one!

gold ribbon machine knitting hand manipulated lace sweater

Cream Ribbon Bows Sweater

MK Seminar Soon – Dallas/Ft Worth Area, 28-29 Sep 2019 July 29, 2019

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I will be demonstrating machine knitting for the Dallas/Ft Worth Knitting Guild soon. They just opened registration here:

2019 Seminar Information

I will be bringing my garment samples for members to try on. Also, some new ones that I am working on the patterns for my Etsy shop. I am designing with a Space Age theme. Here is a quick peek….the Galaxy Top is done on the Bulky machine and the Robots on a Fine Gauge machine. And I have more….but you have to come to the Seminar to see them.

Feature Wall Of Yarn July 26, 2019

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We have done a remodel of our house. We used to have all browns in many shades, but we refreshed the whole house in Mid-Century Modern colors of white, gray and the new “graige” which is a mixture of gray and beige. Our front door is a feature color of Utah Blue, which is on the turquoise side of blue. Being the lover of all things yarny, I thought a feature wall in our living room/TV room could be helpful in cutting down the echo in our new tile and stone scape. Plus, it IS my house too, so I must have my beloved yarns surrounding me in a cocoon of heavenly softness. I started with the new color scheme that we have and pulled from my huge stash, all kinds of beautiful textures of many, many different yarns types: loopy, smooth, sparkly, brushed, roving, etc. I wanted the eye to go to the center in an infinity look, so I started with my darkest blacks, then transitioned to the blues, then grays, creams and finally, whites. I really love it and so does my husband who is not a fan of the “yarn all over the house” look. As we continue our home renovation, I will be getting a large, second floor studio and a small granny cottage underneath it. I will be able to have multiple knitting machines up, plus my weaving looms, sewing machine, serger and all things crafty. Truly My Blue Heaven!!

Yarn Wall

Project – The Boho Shawl July 17, 2019

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If you are like me, you have quite a large stash of beautiful yarns that are not enough to make anything large, but can be used as accents. Some are super thick, some are sparkly, some are slippery and some have large hand-tied features or pom-poms which wont knit on your machine. Here is a great way to use those gorgeous yarns, The Boho Shawl.

Boho Shawl Picture

Description: This is an easy project with the fantastic look of surface weaving. It is basically a rectangle 20” X 42”. But what you can do with that simple rectangle is unlimited when you use your creativity and imagination.

Bulky Machine – T-8

Yarn: Light worsted for base (#4 weight) + 4 or 5 coordinating novelty yarns such as eyelash, ribbon, fox tail, pom-pom or any other specialty yarn (a few ounces each). The one pictured here has a base of two strands of superwash wool sock yarn and these specialty yarns: Unknitted Nations Glitterati in Lime, Moda Dea Bowties in Lime color, Hobby Lobby Sassy Girl in Turquoise, Schoeller/Esslinger metallic Gold chain, Lighthouse Flashy (a reflective yarn from Herrschners) in Space Cadet Blue. Get wild with your choices.


Prepare specialty yarns for surface weaving and finishing tassels: Cut 20 strands, 16” long, of each novelty yarn and set aside for making 10 tassels on the cast on and cast off edges. Then cut 25 strands, 16” long for the surface weaving for inserting into the base as you knit the piece. This will be your initial “bank” of yarns for weaving in as you knit, but you might need to make more if you run out prior to completing your project. I made myself an 8” template for making these out of a piece of stiff card board, like from a used Post Office Priority Mail box.

With your base yarn, e-wrap 40 sts, knit 1 rw and then engage the #1 punchcard in the tuck pattern for the rest of the shawl. Knit to RC10.

Select 5 strands of your first novelty yarn, randomly space them across the knitting area and knit them through on your chosen needles. Then K 10 rws and select the next novelty yarn to add to the work. It is best to not used the same needles every time you are adding strands, but place them between the area that you put your last strands. So, again, randomly knit the second novelty yarns through your chosen needles and then knit another 10 rows.

Continue in this manner until the piece measures 42”, knitting the last 10 rws after weaving in your last randomly added strands.

Cast off using the Double Gate Peg method so it will match the original e-wrap cast on where both will be stretchy. No need to weave in ends, just add them to the tassel bundles which are made of a strand of all the base and novelty yarns. Add 10 tassels to each cast on and cast off edges, spacing them 4 stitches apart. To add some more pizazz, add beads to the tassels and knot them securely in the strands. They should be big enough to be seen. ALSO, some strands are so slippery, they can get pulled loose and make the base stitches run in the shawl, so after the work is knitted, you might want to check some of them and actually knot those slippery ones so they don’t pull out. You can test them to see what will happen when the shawl is worn. I found the ribbons, chains and some eyelashes will pull out easily, so I would recommend that you do an overhand knot to secure them. Another tip, when using ribbons, I had to hold them firmly to knit them into the first two rows of the 10 rows of knitting. If you don’t hold them, because of the way ribbons are made, they can get caught in the hooks of the needles. So, after you place them and knit them through initially, gather all the ends in your hand and hold on for the first two rows, then they will be OK, but may need the extra knotting. They are so pretty used in this shawl, but need this extra handling to secure them so they don’t pull out and cause trouble later. Learn from my experience here.

For a closure, overlap to fit and secure with a sparkly pin

Project – Child Size Pom-Pom Shawl July 17, 2019

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As promised, here is the Child Size version of my Boho Shawl. The base yarn was white 4-ply acrylic worsted (Lion Brand Pound Of Love) and the pom were from 1 skein of Red Hearts Pomp-A-Doodle. Any little girly-girl would love this.

Child's Pom-Pom Shawl

Description: Fun, easy and quick to do child’s shawl using the hand manipulated surface weaving technique.

Machine: Bulky, Tension = 8

Yarn: One skein Red Heart Pomp-A-Doodle
One skein #4 light worsted (I used Lion Brand Pound Of Love)

Overall size of shawl: 12” X 25” rectangle


First, cut 8 strands of 4 Pom-Poms each and set aside. Those will be added to
the cast on and cast off edges at the end. Then, cut 15, 4 Pom-Pom strands
which will be added by hand later.

E-Wrap cast on 30 stitches, Knit 1 row and start a tuck stitch using the #1
Punchcard. Continue knitting the shawl in this tuck stitch.

Knit 10 rows. Select one strand of 4 pom-poms, fold in half to form a loop and then hand knit it through one of your knitted stitches. Do a random pattern of weaving in one 4 pom-pom strand every 10 rows of knitting.

Knit shawl to 159 rows, which should be about 25”. Cancel tuck, knit 1 row and cast off using a Double Gate Peg method so that it matches the elasticity of the e-wrapped cast on.

With the strands that you set aside at the beginning, fold in half and draw the loop through the cast on edge and then pull the poms through the loop to secure. Evenly space four strands across the edge. Then do the cast off edge the same way.

Place the shawl on the child and overlap the two top edges to fit snugly around the shoulders and secure with a sparkly barrette (barrette wont snag fabric).

Sunset In Costa Rica July 6, 2019

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Last night, a beautiful sunset graced us here in Costa Rica. This time of year, it is usually overcast or raining, so a sunset like this in the rainy season is a real treat. We got a picture, but sad to say, you had to be here to really see it live and in person to enjoy it in full measure.

Also, we have had a lot of activity at our bird feeding station with Kiskadees, gray and blue tanagers, robins, sergeant’s tanager (male is velvet black and neon orange/red), palm tanagers, red-collared tanagers (like the sergeant’s, but with a bright red collar, and more I cannot think of right now. AND I have a photo for you to show that it is not only birds who enjoy the bananas. We have a Variegated Squirrel and a Plumed Basilisk Lizard coming to check things out. I have a close up of the lizard on the gravel and one of him on the post of the bird feeder. He hangs out in our heliconia plants and as you can see, he is well camouflaged. I looked at him in the binoculars and he appears to be in shedding mode. Half of him is bright green with blue streaks in his plume and the other half is duller, his old skin. We have glimpsed him the last couple of years and apparently he has so far out foxed all the predators that might make a nice meal of him. Here, it is all about the food chain. When you see something new, it is here to feed on other things that were here last year. Then the next year, you see the next higher level of predator that might feed on it, and etc. etc. When a jaguar shows up, I think I will start to question why I am standing out in nature at all!!!