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Project – Machine Knit Ruched Scarf May 29, 2018

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Ruched Scarf

Ruched Scarf

By Linda Jensen of

My Blue Heaven Knits


Bulky Machine T=8

Yarn: Newlon 2/12 or any light weight yarn (lace, sport, 2/14, etc.)



Crochet Cast over 35 sts with 3 center sts Out Of Work

K 400 rws

Crochet Cast off, leaving a long tail.

Steam out.

You should have about 110-120” long by 11” wide of steamed scarf, which will end up being about 65-70” long and 10” wide when finished.

To finish, with wrong side facing you, and starting from the cast on edge, use a Size “H” crochet hook to twist 2 OOW strands under the cast on edge, to create a loop.  Next, pick up 3 OOW strands and pull through the loop.  Continue crocheting the 3 OOW strands up the center of the scarf to the top.  With the long cast off tail, weave it over to the last loop and secure it, then weave in the rest of the tail.

Here’s the Before picture after steaming out in Red, and the After picture in Blue.






1. ChrisM - May 29, 2018

Love your scarf!

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