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Rainy Days in Costa Rica August 11, 2017

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We have been down at our second home in Costa Rica for a couple of days now, working on getting the car up to snuff for our annual inspection. It is the rainy season, and with the rain comes cooler weather. I have seen many birds at the various feeders: blue/gray tanagers, Passerini tanagers, oropendulas, parrots, brown jays, palm tanagers, saltators, the requisite sparrows, and of course brilliant yellow/tan kiskadees. On my hummingbird feeders, I have seen the Green Mango’s, Blue Throated Goldentails and the tiny little Green Thorntails which mainly stick to the porterweed. I took a couple of pics: one of the kiskadee wondering where the rest of the banana went to (we have a darling squirrel who can go through a good sized banana in no time at all – my hunch is when I wasn’t looking, he came and got it). The other pic is of the Green Mango male at the feeder, brilliant in the morning sun with emerald greens and with a blue & black stripe down its chest. Sorry to say, you can see his magnificence from this angle. It is nice to see that these birds don’t abandon the area when we leave and end feeding them. There are so many blooming flowers and plants that they just shift their feeding to the natural sources, albeit, it takes more energy than sitting on my, what may seem, limitless supply of delicious nectar holding feeders.