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Working On New Technique July 21, 2017

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I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but here goes.  I was in that state of pre-awakening two days ago when an idea came to me.  I saw it in my half-dreaming mind clearly and in vivid, full color.  When I became more awake, it stayed with me, not like some dreams where they vanish like a mist as soon as you realize you are awake.  No, I caught it just before all the tasks of the day started piling up on my mind and I wanted to capture the idea right away.  I went out into my studio in my robe and slippers and threaded some spare yarn into the Brother Bulky.  At first I didn’t know where to start to explain it to myself, but I cast on a few stitches and knit a few rows, then I began to work out the idea.  Basically, it would be a hand-manipulated, woven embellishment on the purl side of the fabric.  After a couple of trials, I got what I am now calling the “String Of Pearls”:


I really liked the way the colors of the “pearls” were pooled using this variegated yarn. So far encouraged that my dream technique could be done, I then explored using a novelty yarn that was laying in the “too small to complete any project” bin.  I drew out a simple T-Shirt pattern for myself, did my swatch, measured the gauge, made the calculations for the top and incorporated the String Of Pearls technique on the front panel.  I completed the sewing of the pieces yesterday.  This is a quick shot of the result:

Black T SOP

This novelty yarn is a skinny metallic gold + a 2/24 Delaine in white + a skinny white and gold boucle combination that I spun up myself as one of my Designer Cakes.  It has a jumbly, tumbly look and is much nicer in person.  I think you could use any novelty yarn, so I am going to try out several and see what works best.  Oh, and realize that I have plenty of projects already going on in various stages of completion all around my studio that I just HAVE to finish – it seems like a tornado just hit in there.  But I never have a choice as to when these ideas come which must be worked out and jotted down on paper so I don’t forget them.  I am working on a gorgeous coat right now that I really, really need to finish because when I have a few more done, they will be my new items for my Fall and Winter craft shows.  Arggg…there is just so much time in the day and only so much energy I have to do all this work.

This will eventually become a pattern on Etsy when I finish all my experimentation of yarns, sizes and variations.  I think it would be a great one to demonstrate at a machine knitting seminar too.  I wish there were more seminars on the West Coast, I would love to travel and share all my ideas.  It seems like most of the seminars are in the MidWest and on the East Coast.  They usually don’t have the money to fly me and my patterns out to demonstrate, but it is still my biggest wish to be invited to these seminars and enjoy the ambiance of being with other machine knitters who love this art form.



1. Chris - July 21, 2017

I LOVE it! Such a interesting manipulation of color/Yarn for contrast/texture.

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