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The Mermaid Tail Cardigan and Shawl – Pattern Ready Now and On Etsy July 9, 2017

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This one is done now.  So many options with it had me dreaming of knitting and waking up with easier ways to do this and that.  Now it is done and I am so happy!!  I made a couple for myself that I will be bringing to “Show and Tell” at the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers meeting and to my Machine Knitting Guild, the Cone Connection in Anaheim.

Ah, now to sit back and enjoy working on more knitting ideas…..



1. Sharon Snyder - July 10, 2017

what tension did you use for the Adult Mermaid tail cardigan ruffled sleeve version. You did not put that on the directions
Would like to know what machine you used

myblueheavenknits - July 10, 2017

Tension is 8 for all of the cardigans. I put it on the second paragraph under “Bulky Machine” on Page 2 describing the tension for all of the suggested #4 yarns. I used a Brother Bulky single bed, the Brother 260.

2. Mary Kint - July 10, 2017

Linda, do you have any of your “Arachne” patterns at Newton’s for sale? I’ll be going to their July sale. I like your printed patterns better than the job my printer does. I would like to buy the pattern When there if that’s possible. 😉 Mary Kint



myblueheavenknits - July 10, 2017

They don’t have Arachne or the new Mermaid. They probably would if I had quoted one of their yarns, but I didn’t see any that they had that would fit, except maybe their Bulky 5 would work out for the Mermaid. I wont be able to be at a meeting until I get back from Costa Rica, probably the October meeting. Send me an email at lindasuejensen@gmail.com and I will see what I can do for you.

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