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Arachne’s Web Finished and Now On Etsy June 16, 2017

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Yeah!  This is finally completed.  Every day I would wake up and get another new idea for different versions of it.  I had to call a halt to the creative process and drive onward the the publishing process which means, sizes, proofing, photos, page design, etc. etc. etc.

I must say the creative process is where I mostly hang out and my dear husband does the major part of photographing and page design – that is, all the “post-production” that has to occur to get things properly ready for publishing.

Here’s the link:


arachnes web pattern cover



1. Tom - June 16, 2017

The pattern you indicate available on Etsy is not there!

myblueheavenknits - June 16, 2017

Thanks for pointing that out – it is fixed now. I forgot to automatically relist when sold and someone had gotten that first one before you looked.

2. Valery R - June 16, 2017

Thanks for all the hard work and sharing with us. I love the design. I reviewed it and your instructions are so awesome as always.

myblueheavenknits - June 16, 2017

Thanks so much!!

3. Valery R. - June 17, 2017

Can you please recommend a place to buy the yarn for this? I am a Newton’s Customer but not sure if they sell that kind? I live in San Diego.

myblueheavenknits - June 17, 2017

Newton’s produced a cotton/rayon boucle called “Jazzy” that would do, but I didn’t have enough in my stash to quote it in the pattern. I would suggest searching on EBay where I usually get my yarns. Search cotton/rayon boucle and you will get an assortment. There is a currently a Silk City “Avanti” available in a beautiful coral color or white or natural now when I just did a search. Its easy to buy on EBay and shipping is fast. You could also search cotton/rayon slub yarn there. I give you a picture of the yarns that work best in the pattern (the close up of wraps per inch page) and the “Avanti” is the top one. I check that site everyday for yarns that I like to use. I must admit that I have bought that Avanti in Coral and white for a “future” project. It just has the most beautiful drape. Thanks for your purchase and enjoy making this design.

Valery R. - June 17, 2017

Thank you!!! I will start with the Avanti. Maybe they have some Jazzy still….That is probably gone by now. I didn’t buy any of that. Have a great weekend.

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