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Craft Show List For 2017 March 26, 2017

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Hello friends.  Customers have asked me to put a list together about where I am going for my next Craft Fairs.  Although most have not opened their application times yet, here are the ones I will either be in for Spring and the dates for the ones I will be applying to get in (the ones I am confirmed in are first and the ones I will be sending in an application for next separated by a paragraph space).

Confirmed For:

29 Apr   Brea Community Center, Accessories Show, 695 Madison Way, Brea, CA – In Gym, Space #270

17 Jun   Piecemaker’s Junk In The Trunk, 1720 Adams Ave, Costa Mesa, CA.  (This is the show that I will be YARN to sell for $ 3.00 per pound, plus designer cakes for $5 and novelty skeins for $2!!) – Space is assigned as we drive in, so you will need to look for me with all my crates of yarn.


Yet To Go:

1-24 Sep  Los Angeles County Fair – Got to defend my Best In Show status this year by knitting something AMAZING, so go to the fair and see what I entered for that competition in the DIY Building.  I have already got an idea, but I want to make it absolutely stunning with intricate stitches, fabulous yarns and an “I don’t know how this was done on a knitting machine” type of appeal. Here’s last year’s winner:



14 Oct  Piecemaker’s Harvest Show, 1720 Adams Ave. Costa Mesa, CA. – Space #83

28 Oct  Claremont Village Venture Show, Old Town Claremont, CA. – Space #552

4-5 Nov  Yorba Linda Women’s Club Fall Faire, Yorba Linda, CA – Activity Rm B -#602

11-12 Nov  St. Jerome’s Christmas Show, Culver City, CA. – Activity Hall

18-19 Nov  Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild Fall Faire, Torrance, CA.- Toyota Mtg Hall

2 Dec  Piecemaker’s Christmas Show, 1720 Adams Ave. Costa Mesa, CA. – Space #83

10 Dec  Torrance Wilson Park Holiday Show, Wilson Park (Del Amo and Crenshaw) Torrance – Space #A


That’s is all I have for “away shows” right now.  Then, for those of you looking for my YARN SALES, subscribe here and I will announce those.  These I hold in my backyard in Hawthorne, CA.  With yarn at $ 3.00 per pound (yarn on cones), my Designer “cakes” at $5.00 each (lots of yardage on these combination yarns) and special skeins of fancy yarns for $2.00 each, you’d think you had just died and gone to heaven!  I am waiting for our weather to level out (i.e., no rain) before I bring my precious crates over from storage where they have been climate controlled and away from any light.  That is all the news to date, but I will advertise any updates as the year goes on – SUBSCRIBE if you want to be in the know.



1. Elizabeth Evans - March 27, 2017

Linda, when you have a pattern for your Fair winning top with the gold ribbon on it, I would like the pattern! Thank you!

myblueheavenknits - March 27, 2017

I have had that request. This top is expensive to do because of the grommets and I haven’t put the pattern together because those grommets are essential to the overall look. After a good deal of experimentation, I had to buy a $125 grommet setter for the large grommets with special backs to do them right and I thought that buyers would be mad at me if they bought the pattern only to discover that added expense to create the desire look. And I worry about knitters NOT using the grommets – that would destroy my design and I am sure that they would be disappointed and give me a bad feedback on it. So that is why I haven’t done the pattern for sale.

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