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Blue Throated Goldentail Hummingbird February 25, 2017

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A new bird at my feeder this year in the mountains of Orosi, Costa Rica, the blue throated goldentail is also identified by his coral beak with a black tip.  Very colorful.  I couldn’t get a good picture, so I got a couple from the web.  He is competing for the nectar in my feeder with my other hummingbirds, the Rufous Tail and several male and one female Green-Breasted Mango.  That only gives me a fleeting second to get a picture, as he gets chased away by the others.  As all my pics were blurry, I had to settle for someone else’s photos.  I spied his blue throat and lighter coloring first and noticed he was different from my other hummingbirds, so I got the binoculars out to get finer details.  All these birds are spectacular and it is a joy to watch them from my knitting chair in our great room.  Plus, doesn’t he just give you some ideas for interesting colorways to use in your creative crafts?



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