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Morning In Costa Rica January 19, 2017

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We are now down at our second home in Costa Rica.  Everyone wonders why we chose to build in the mountains of the Cloud Forest instead of the hot, humid beach.  We just like it cooler and without all that humidity up here in the mountains.  It was 53 degrees here this am, and we had to put on our little space heaters, but it will warm up nicely to about 88 degrees today.  In the meantime, I thought I would let you know what is happening right now.

The song “Morning has broken….”comes to mind. Here is our Mango hummingbird. He is emerald green, has a deep blue stripe down his front (that is hard to photograph), but its his deep red tail that he flashes which identifies him. He keeps all intruders away from his feeder and that keeps him busy all day. The last pic is of our blooming Poro trees which are all around the river valley right now. We see all kinds of critters in them, feeding off what must be the most delicious orange flowers. Oropendulas (brown and yellow birds), parrots (flocks of them fill the air – they are silent when feeding but very boisterous when flying), squirrel, brown and white jays, blue and white swallow, robins, and more. Someone switched off the “rain” switch and it has suddenly turned to summer. Our pool is solar heated at 87 degrees. All ready for a stream of guests! Don’t you wish you were one of them?







1. Valery R - January 19, 2017

So happpy for you. Beautiful scenery and relaxing. Enjoy!

myblueheavenknits - January 19, 2017

Thanks so much!!

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