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New FREE Pattern Coming… January 13, 2017

Posted by myblueheavenknits in Uncategorized.

It has been quite awhile since I did a new pattern design because of foot surgery in the Summer (alas, I had no creative energy then) and then all my craft show commitments in the Fall and Holidays.  But, for those brave knitters who have kept checking back here faithfully in hopes that I would start creating again, I am going to put up a new FREE pattern for you.  I used the “Pfeilraupe” by Alpi Alpenrose as inspiration, AKA The German Arrow Scarf, but to tell you the truth, I just couldn’t bring myself to hand knit all those garter stitch rows, so I changed a few things and worked it out on a bulky machine.  I am going to call it “The Dragon Tail Shawlette”, and here are a couple of pictures for you to whet your appetite of my Red Dragon and Blue Dragon.  I will also put it on Ravelry later, but you will have first dibbs.

As you probably guessed, I made my own yarn blends from my extensive stash to get a worsted weight yarn of 11 WPI, so although I can’t quote any specific yarns, just use one that would be reminiscent of dragon skin.  The Red Dragon is a combo of three yarns: a lace weight red & metallic gold, a 2/30 acrylic in maroon and a 2/12 red acrylic.  The Blue Dragon is a combo of two yarns: a fingering weight green teal and a 2-ply teal with tiny, red crystalline fibers (I believe that this was called Northern Lights).  I like the mottled look overall instead of a flat palette of one color, but that is just me being me!

I want to be able to give you the exact needle positions for the loops for holding the tail, so I will work on that tomorrow, but here’s a peek now to encourage you to dig out some dragonish looking yarn from your stash.





1. Mary Still - January 13, 2017

Just beautiful! We await the details!

2. Pam McGinty - September 15, 2017

Am looking for this pattern. It is lovely

myblueheavenknits - September 15, 2017

I put the PDF over onto KP, sorry!

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