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Mermaid Tail Jacket and Shawl August 4, 2016

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You can see I have been “away” from posting for quite awhile.  Well, this is what happens when you decide to get surgery to fix an ever increasing pain in your foot.  I had to have a toe fusion (yeah, with titanium screws) because I lost the cartilage in my big toe joint – the one where all your weight goes when you walk, run, etc.  It had been getting worse over the last 5 years, so I made the decision to get surgery.  I know it was stupid to not do my homework on the length of recovery for this operation.  Since this was a genetic thing, my brother recently got his fixed and was only incapacitated for a week or so.  I was expecting the same treatment, but no, I had to have a more permanent fix.  This caused me to be in a hard, non-weight bearing cast for 5 weeks.  Think about that – being one-legged with a 20lb cast on the opposite foot up to the knee, that I couldn’t put on the floor and had to be elevated 99% of the time – 5 WEEKS!!!.  I wasn’t prepared for that level of incapacitation.  I had been a ball of energy one day and laid low the next.  Oh the humanity!!

And I wasn’t too creative because of all the pain going on down there.  Then, when I got the cast off, all my other 25 joints in the foot and ankle had frozen up from non-use.  A month of painful therapy got me walking again.  But then my creativity started popping and I was working out a new idea to greatly enhance another boxy jacket done on the Standard machine by Bill King.  I added sizes, more shaping, ruffles, tails, button closures, changed gauge, added new and more available yarns and then made a separate shawl design based on the jacket pattern.  Hence, the Mermaid Tail Jacket and Mermaid Tail Shawl.  I took some quick pics of two samples.  I am working on sizes, what yarns to use and refining details.  I should have it down soon and will put it on my Etsy site when it’s finished.  The “Sugarplum” Mermaid Tail Jacket is in Patons’ Lace Sequin yarn (3 skeins) and the Mermaid Tail Shawl is done in either one skein of JoAnn’s Rainbow Boucle or Lion Brand’s new Shawl in a Ball.  I am also working a long sleeve Fairy Tail in Patons’ Glam Stripes.  Sizes go from Small to X-Large.




1. Mary Still - August 4, 2016

Hello and welcome back! I was beginning to get worried! May the rest of your recovery be speedy and quick and let’s welcome your foot back into the world!

myblueheavenknits - August 4, 2016

Hi Mary😀 It has been the pits. Still moving a bit slow, but getting there.

On Aug 4, 2016 11:31 AM, “Myblueheavenknits's Blog” wrote:


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