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Project – Raggedy Wig Hat – Machine Knit April 16, 2016

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For everyone that wanted this fun Raggedy Wig Hat, I have made a couple of these to hone the instructions and demonstrated it for my Cone Connection Machine Knit Club at Newton’s Knits in Anaheim, CA.

Red Raggedy Wig

Raggedy Wig Hat

                By Linda Jensen

Bulky Machine: T=6

Red Heart Yarn = one skein (8oz.), solid color


Wig Hat Base

E-wrap 16 needles (ndls)  (L7 – 0 – R9), K 2 rows (rws)

Begin Short Rows:

*Carriage On Hold (COH) Short Row (S/R) 1 ndl farthest from the carriage, EOR, 7X

Cancel Hold, K 2 rws.**

Repeat * to ** one more time.

E-Wrap 10 more ndls closest to the carriage.

Continue * to ** 5 more times.

Cast off all ndls.


Sew up top seam and hole.  Steam lightly on a head block.

Cut fringe:  16” lengths for fringe around the head and 8” lengths for the bang area (triangle from top of hole to both sides of wig base.  Start at lowest bottom row, hanging two strands of fringe about ½ “ apart.  Each row will be about ½ “ up from there.  Keep bang area unfringed until all the longer fringe is tied, then complete the bangs in that triangle area.

After fringing complete, try on wig and cut bangs to your preferred length, leave all other fringe “raggedy”.  Add bobby pins or clips inside to secure to your own hair underneath the cap.  Optional: if you have no hair or want a snug fit over your own hair, weave in a strand of 1/8″ elastic around the edge to hold it onto your head.



1. BJ Exum - September 27, 2016

can you please email me about publishing this pattern in our guild newsletter?

myblueheavenknits - September 28, 2016

PM message just sent. Thanks for the inquiry!

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