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The Parrots Are Here! February 12, 2016

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We are back in Costa Rica right now and it has been raining, or more like drizzling about 1″ per day.  Now is the time that the Poro trees start to bloom and we have MANY of them on our property.  Besides the usual birds we are seeing (hummers, saltators, robins, kiskadees, blue and gray tanagers, palm tanagers, red-rumped tanagers, collared sparrows, oropendulas), we now have parrots coming in to eat the orange Poro flowers on the trees.  Can you spot the parrot in the picture?  It is a Red-Lored Parrot (has red feather on forehead, a light beak and blends into the leaves with the overall green plumage, but also has red and blue feathers on the wings.  Also, along with these are the Mealy Parrots, green overall with black heads.  They make quite a racket with they are flying in their groups, but are quiet in the trees as they munch away on the delicious flowers.

red lored parrot eats poro flower



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