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Working On New Items For Spring Fairs January 27, 2016

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TCG Fall Faire 2015

I am not sure I have recovered yet from the Holidays, family visits, parties and etc.  We are having our Landscaping Architect work on our new backyard so it has been hectic.  We lost three birch trees (they were dying all over the area due to drought), and decided to do a Mediterranean backyard like our front yard, with a new, larger patio with flagstones, drought tolerant plants, new sprinkler system and lighting.  Also, January is our month for doing taxes, both California Sales Tax for my business and then Federal and State Income taxes.  Oh, and we are also packing for Costa Rica in the midst of all this.

But I did spend some time in the studio (My Blue Heaven) to escape all the madness outside.  I am developing a new pattern, “Fringe Benefits”, since fringe is all the rage right now.  Here are a couple of pics of my current versions.  The black one is a rayon boucle mixed with a 2/30 black acrylic and the fringe is Incredible ribbon by Lion Brand.  So sorry they have discontinued that ribbon, but you can easily by one ball on EBay.  The second one in Blue is a triple strand of mixed medium blue skinny boucles and the fringing is done with one skein of Hobby Lobby’s Special Effects.  I think they still make that yarn, but you can also get it on EBay.

Fringe Benefits

FB Ver2I need to refine it more, but I can work on it in Costa Rica where I will have some peace and quiet.  Finding yarns that are available to knitter’s everywhere are my problem right now.  I usually have to make MANY different versions to get what I see in my mind’s eye of the finished project.

Also, I am hand knitting a few wig hats for the spring, when I need to take a break from designing at the machine:

Knit Wig

I will be doing them in several colors, but also enhancing them with crocheted flowers, clip-on butterflies, headbands of all types – my imagination knows no bounds.  This is not my pattern though – it is called the Flick and you can get the hand knitting pattern on Ravelry, but I added more “flip” at the bottom and bangs.





1. Zibby Evns - January 28, 2016

Hi Linda, what pattern is the tunic you put the fringe on, black one Abe blue one, thanks, Zibby

myblueheavenknits - January 28, 2016

That is what I am fine tuning now trying to find a yarn that I can quote that will give me consistent results. And then I plow down through the stitches and rows for the various sizes. The pattern will have short or bell-shaped 3/4 sleeves and two lengths. I am still adding details as I want it to be modern and chic.

2. Carmen - March 15, 2016

I like your version more of the flick than the original in Ravelry.

myblueheavenknits - March 15, 2016

Thank You! I always try to make my own version of a pattern that I bought from someone else. Now, I have added sparkly crown headbands and elf ears on some of them! Very trendy!!

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