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New Garden Denizens In Costa Rica February 14, 2015

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Here’s a newbie to my salad garden in Costa Rica – a Walking Stick. It’s a stick, no it’s an insect. It has made a home on one of my lettuce leaves and doesn’t hardly move day after day. He’s OK to stay however long he wants because he hunts other things on the leaves. I think he looks like a cousin to the Praying Mantis on my orchid plant (photo below).  He is hanging upside down on the leaf of lettuce, so I didn’t correct the picture.  He wobbles back and forth when he spies me looking at him – a defensive move which makes him look like a stick blowing in the wind.  You think he would get used to me looking for him everyday, but still he wobbles when I do find him.  With those big eyes, I think he sees me first.


If you notice the coloring of the Praying Mantis, she has camoflaged herself to look like an orchid stem. She lays in wait right by an orchid blossom during the day and ambushes the bugs that land on the flower. In the evening, she heads down the stem.


She has a cocoon of eggs under one of the orchid leaves and I was advised to move each one as they hatch to other bushes as the the first ones out become quick cannibals and eat the other hatchlings as they emerge.  So, everyday, I check them out to see what is going on.



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