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Making Progress…. January 14, 2015

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So if you are following me, you know I have been doing some serging.  In between my last post, I have done a total Spring Cleaning of my studio space to fit in a big table for my new serger, threads and what not.  I had to break down my mid-gauge Silver Reed 860 on its KE-100 Power Drive to do it.  I was not using that machine, so down it went and over to two shelves on my chrome racks.  I had a whole backyard of yarn, etc. from the reorganization, so that got moved to my storage space, just in time for two days of light rain.

So, now I was ready to get busy….but wait!!  I had family coming in from Wisconsin (escaping from the worse storm in years), paper/receipts all over the place in order to do my annual California sales tax submittal ….and now our Federal and State income taxes that we MUST complete before we head to Costa Rica for a couple of months.  ARRRGGGG!!! I have to wait until all the “big business” is done before I can play with my new toys.  Its awful!!

But I have managed to complete the two sweater jackets that I had in the hopper.  You remember the Before pics?

Red and Denim

Gray, Purple and Pink

Now here are the After pics:

Denim Argyle

Pink & Gray

Heck!  That Pink and Gray one I am keeping!!  It is of cashmere, angora, merino and lambswool – so soft and cozy.  The Denim Argyle is cashmere, merino and lambswool.

I am very happy with how they came out.  So, first, get those darn taxes done, then my laundry, then maybe then, I can go play!!  I don’t have to eat, right?



1. Mary - January 15, 2015

You are so inspiring! These sweater are just beautiful! Congratulations!

myblueheavenknits - January 15, 2015

Thanks, Mary!!

2. Juanita Peterson from Minnesota - February 14, 2015

I have visited Costa Rica a couple times, so I am enjoying the descriptions of the birds and butter flies etc.
I too am trying to use up odds and ends of yarns, but I’m not the inventive one! Enjoy your time in the tropics.

myblueheavenknits - February 15, 2015

Hi Juanita from the frigid upper MidWest!! Today is our 29th Wedding Anniversary and it is raining now, so don’t know if we can go out for dinner, but I am working on my ensembles for my upcoming runway fashion show in Palos Verdes. The theme is “The Grand Tour” so I am using that as my inspiration to do garments for Paris, Rome, Athens, Venice, the German Alps and Vienna. Such fun – I am doing machine and hand knitting while I am here. Are you going to Purls this Spring? I don’t have any seminars planned right now – kinda busy doing my yarn sales, craft shows and developing new patterns. Thanks for reading my blog!!

Juanita Peterson from Minnesota - February 15, 2015

I am going to Purls again. It is May 1 and 2 so it should be warmer!
I always find at least one new idea or topic at any seminar I attend.
It is a fruitful couple hours.

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