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Felting, Serging, Imagining New Life For Old Sweaters December 30, 2014

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I have been exploring the capability of my new Evolution Serger, so you haven’t heard from me for several days. Here is my obsession though, turning old, shrunken sweaters into works of art. It takes time to find good sweaters and once I have a pile, I start thinking about what “it” wants to be. The first two pics are of a Lambswool sweater which shrunk so small, it told me it wanted to be a cute purse. It took me two days to work out my concept and gather the rest of the materials, but didn’t it turn out cute?? The Red/Cream and Navy/Green/ Burgundy jackets were from cashmere, merino and lambswool sweaters that I already had, so I made those up and took them to the PVAC Artist’s Studio – both sold almost immediately. So, then I was off and buying anything cashmere, angora, etc. to get more raw materials. I had hand knit the Emerald Green sweater for myself, but it was too big. I took the plunge and felted it in the washer, and it turned out beautiful in a size Medium. Now I am working on the Gray, Pink and Purple, felting my wools, replacing the blah black ribbon that is woven into the front and next it will be deciding the closure and then I start to cut. In the hopper after that is a Deep Red and Denim Argyle. Oh, its hard to go to sleep with all the beautiful jackets that need to be made on my mind!! I give thanks to “katwise” for the initial inspiration, but I have made my styles more conservative and better for Southern California weather.Purse Before Purse After Cream and Red Navy-Green Burgundy Emerald Hand Knit Gray, Purple and Pink Red and Denim



1. Mary Still - December 30, 2014


myblueheavenknits - December 30, 2014

Thanks, Mary!!

2. bgv325 - January 3, 2015

Looks great Linda! Creative minds never stop do they? Happy New Year!

myblueheavenknits - January 4, 2015

Thanks!! Happy new year to you too!

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