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The Exhibition at PVAC – All About Fiber Arts!! October 8, 2014

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What I am doing lately is preparing for the big opening of the Palos Verdes Art Center’s Fiber Arts Exhibition.  See the info here:


I have yarn bombed two office chairs that knitting/crocheting participants will sit in to be part of our live performance of yarn bombing an entire living room and dining room.  All the furniture in the “set” is now painted white and over the course of the six-week exhibit, visiting participants will add their artful creations to the set.  There is a lot of work ahead and I and the manager of The Artist’s Studio, Gabrielle, are trying to fill up the calendar with names of all the people who will donate their time to help in the yarn bombing.

It is now getting close to the Grand Opening, this Friday at 6:00pm.  I have to gather a bunch of yarn bombing supplies from my expansive cache and knit a cover for huge fabric tote so yarn bombers will be fully supplied to add their talents.

Now you never know what might come of volunteering your time generously to such a huge project.  Along with organizing the yarn bombing exhibit, getting the calendar filled up with knitters, I volunteered to teach PV kids to knit on Mondays and create, plan and conduct a Family Yarn Bombing special event on Oct 19th for about 50 families.  I was getting a little freaky-deeky when I was told I had to yarn bomb the knitter’s chairs on top of everything else I had on my plate.  But I powered up and knitted like a crazy girl and you know what?  I must admit, the chairs turned out really nice.  Then I get an email from someone who saw them and wants to commission me to do a signature piece for a restaurant.  What the Hey??!! So you see, whatever you do will come back to you ten fold.  Its all about the good karma, friends.  Think positively and keep knitting!!  Oh, yes, and if you are in the Southern California area anytime between Oct 10 – Nov 16, please come by and see the exhibit (but closed on Sundays).  Better yet, join in and help make this exhibit the best ever.



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