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Hummingbirds In My Costa Rican Garden August 31, 2014

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Every time we come back to our house  in Costa Rica, I am delighted to find new residents in my garden.  It has been a pretty mild rainy season here and our area declared a drought, but we have been getting some nice rainfalls in the afternoons and evenings.  I sit an hand knit in front of a windowed section of our house, overlooking our pool.  Its a great view!  Yesterday, we were finally able to get some photos of new birds that I want to share with you.  First, one new hummingbird has claimed a bank of porterweed – the brown violet eared hummer.  He is slightly bigger than the rufous hummer that he constantly chases away from his section of the garden.  He fans out his tail and makes chip-chip-chip noises to repel invaders. Here is a wide shot and close up – you can really see the violet patch which identifies this tyrant.  Second, are two green and black birds.  I have searched my Costa Rican Bird Book and can’t really find a match.  They  must be a breeding pair because they are constant companions, but their name is unknown to me right now.  One thing I do know, they love the bananas at my bird feeder.  Third, is a nice photo of a male Green Thorntail, showing his long tail.  They have a whole family in another bank of porterweed.  The babies are about 1″ and the fully grown Green Thorntails are only about 2″.  The porterweed blossoms which are their favorite choice for nectar are only 1/2 “, so you can see how tiny these cuties are. 

brown violet ear brown violet ear 2





green bird wide green bird green thorntail



1. Mary - August 31, 2014

Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing the delights from your garden!

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