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“The Living Room” Art Exhibit – Call For Participants July 31, 2014

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I just received information on a knitting exhibition opportunity and I was hoping you could participate or pass it onto your fiber artist friends.  The exhibit at the Palos Verdes Art Center will run from 10 Oct through 16 Nov, 2014 (although closed on Sundays). Times for our living knitting exhibit will be 11am – 2pm each day.  They will give us a completely white room and we will, over the span of time of the exhibit, have people add to the room like a yarn bombing. We will be a living exhibit and we can invite others to come in, sit and knit away, adding to the room with color and texture – our living art. And not for just knitters; crocheters, weavers, etc. can participate and indeed, all fibers artists are welcome. All items made by each participant during the living exhibit will be tagged for donation to whoever they want or they can keep the item as a memento.  The items will stay throughout the exhibit, but then go “home” to the person or group contact to be kept or donated if desired.  There will also be other knitting exhibitions running at the same time, so it will be a fiber fest of learning, inspiration and creativity.


I will be working “The Living Room” artists sign-ups for PVAC.   I need to get names of groups or individuals as soon as I have their date confirmations so they can advertise in their media blitz prior to exhibit opening.  I will have a big bucket of yarns and needles, crochet hooks available so anyone who wanted to join in could learn. You can use the donated yarn or bring your own preferred yarn to knit while you are there. We will have an onsite cafe where people can go to have a lunch break or fresh coffee during our stay (but please, no food or drinks are allowed in the living exhibit), and maybe you can also take some time see the Judith Soloman and The Sweater Man knitting exhibits too.


Sound good? I think it is fantastic to be able to be part of a living exhibit where we can share the love of our art in such a prestigious venue. 


I will be working on the sign-ups through email. Send me a personal email if you want to join the fun:




Here’s my “official” introduction letter for your consideration from the Director of the Palos Verdes Art Center, Mr. Joe Baker.  Let me know if you want to participate and a group contacts email or your personal email.  Also, we need your phone numbers so we can give you a courtesy phone call reminder prior to your scheduled sign-up date.  The calendar is open for anyone, anytime to come in, but I do need participants for every day that the exhibit is open.  You can participate one day or several as media pictures will be taken each day as “The Living Room” grows with color and texture.  I just need to know who will be participating so I can send names of clubs, knit shops, etc to the media people.  I will be contacting knit shops in the area, so if you want to give your favorite store a heads up, that is great!  Or even better, forward this to all your fiber friends who may want to participate.

Knitter Solicitation




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