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Off On A Tangent! HATS!! July 11, 2014

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What is the matter with me?  I should be doing a bunch of other things all lined up neatly in my studio, but no.  All I can think about, dream about and work furiously at is HATS!!  Everything I see says HATS!!  I think this got started several months ago when I was doing my volunteer day at The Artist’s Studio gallery shop up at the Palos Verdes Art Center.  Lady G said to me, “I wish we had someone who could do HATS!”, as we have three mannequin heads, but no hats to go on them.  So the seed was planted, and it has been in my head, in my dreams and generally everywhere I look – hat styles, hat colors, hat brims, hat making supplies, buckram, ribbons, wire, trims, feathers, and a thousand other things.  I thought to myself, derail this urge right now as you have too many other things to attend to, and when you have done those, you know you have a pattern already partly done which you can develop and explore later.  Do you think I will listen to that logical line of reasoning?  NOOOOO!!!  I immediately dump all the things I was working on, and started through all my piles of patterns.  Do you think I was lucky enough to find said pattern?  NOOOOO!!!  So, undaunted, I re-created it using the charcoal yarn I made as one of my “designer” yarns I was selling at my weekly backyard yarn sales.  No one had bought any yet, so I am keeping it all for HATS!!  Ladies, you are too late.  So, here I am once again, designing a new pattern with several versions, using some of the trim techniques I teach at seminars and woe to me, I have used a yarn that nobody can get.  So I went out to look for something that can be cited in the pattern to use and I ended up with Jiffy brushed acrylic yarn.  That yarn has been around a long time and everyone can either get it at JoAnn’s or EBay or order on line if they don’t already have it on their stash.  OK, so I have got a yarn, and a pattern for the feathers-on-the side brim hat (I need a name for it), now I need a couple of different hat styles, so I have started on the Pillbox style and I am thinking about a bucket style also, a la, Downton Abbey.  So this is how the creative process works – once the idea is seeded in my head, then it wont stop growing until it produces fruit, AKA, a pattern for others to enjoy making.  The ones I make with my own designer yarns, I will take to The Artist’s Studio to adorn those three mannequin heads.  Don’t ask me what I have up my sleeve next.  It could be a peasant blouse to go with the Gypsy Spirit Skirt pattern I just created and published, or any of a thousand things I see, hear or feel.  I maintain solace in the fact that I am a creative human, and don’t wish to be otherwise.  What would I do with my time?

Charcoal Hat

Pillbox Hat

Ruby Spiral Top Hat



1. Mary - July 11, 2014

Beautiful! Hats off to you for creating something beautiful we will all enjoy once we get the pattern from you!!!

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