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Barton’s Tale June 22, 2014

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Here is Barton’s Tale.  A little over a week ago, I saw this little bit of orange with two eyes on my walkway near the back of the house.  He freaked out when he saw me and dashed into the bushes.  Now, I don’t know anything about kittens, but with the helpful advice of neighbors, I got him to come to kitten kibble and milk in little bowls for the next couple of days, but he still dashed away as soon as he saw anyone.  So, with the help of a friend’s raccoon trap, my husband and I baited it with said kibble and milk so that within the hour, the little bundle of spit and vinegar was caught.  Now, what to do?  More neighbors helped out with advice and soon he was feeling more safe, less freaked out and calm when picked up.  We can’t keep pets because we travel several months out of the year, so we took him to Kool Katz, at our local PetCo.  They are there every Saturday and Sunday from 1-5PM.  He was a little dirty from his stay in various bushes, had some fleas and probably no shots, so I paid to have him tested for the feline HIV and leukemia, so he could have a good start on his path to a loving new home.  They gave him a bath, some toys, his tests and baby shots and a week of socializing.  I just went to see him, one week from when I put him into the Kool Katz good care.  He is just fine – healthy, playful and purring when picked up.  He was quite the attraction for several families looking for a new little ball of fur to take home and love.  I left, saying I would be back next week, until he got adopted, but one of the Kool Katz ladies chased me down in the parking lot as I left saying that one of the couples was going to adopt him.  Yes, he was adopted on his very first day available, and no wonder.  He was jumping around his enclosure, batting at a big fluffly ball and generally, just having the time of his life, so far.  The couple had already adopted a cat from Kool Katz a year ago, and since she was a female, they needed a male friend for her and them.  So, Barton, have a great and happy life.  I am glad I had wonderful and helpful neighbors so that we were able to help you find the loving home every pet deserves.  Next time you pass Kool Katz at Petco, in the Inglewood and Marine shopping center (next to In and Out Burger), drop a donation into their cup as these are people who really make a difference in lives, not only for abandoned pets, but for all the people who find love and companionship in these bundles of fur.    




1. Tom Panciarello - June 22, 2014

Folk like the two of you have a special place in my heart. My best friend Mikey adopted me at a shelter, he’s one awesome pal. I agree 100% with you, leave a donation and or adopt from a great place like this.

2. Sherry - June 22, 2014

Beautiful story and kitten! The world needs more people like you and stories like this!

3. impressedia - June 24, 2014

Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out to him and rescuing him ❤

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