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New Summer Serenity Machine Knit Pattern In The Works April 12, 2014

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I know my knitting friend, Rachel, will jump for joy when she hears the news that I am hard at work to put her favorite sweater/tunic pattern out.  I did one that she modeled at the Saturday Fashion Show when I taught at a seminar for Newton’s Knits awhile back.  She has been nagging me ever since to do the pattern, so I know she will now be happy.

What caused me to careen off into a whole different process while I was trying to get my Art Studio items done for their Fashion Show on 3 May??? I will be doing a seminar for the Machine Knitting Guild of San Diego in early June, and I will be teaching about hand transferred lace.  So since this does have hand transferred details, I got the idea that I had better knuckle down to get this pattern on its way with two sizes and three sleeve choices.  It has been in my clip board of “penciled notes” for quite awhile because I just couldn’t get a yarn to produce repeatable results.  Plus, just about every yarn I get is soon discontinued, so I am writing this pattern for a wide range of yarn choices, which consequently, makes it difficult for me since I have to actually knit up sample after sample trying to get an available yarn to do what I want it to do for the pattern.

I know I have said it before, but I am saying it again – PATTERN MAKING IS SO HARD!!!!  OK, I got that off my chest. Knitter’s just don’t realize that I have to make it easy enough for a brand new machine knitter to understand, going step by step, needle by needle, but then make it interesting enough so even experienced knitter’s can have some fun knitting it.  It must be perfect, it must be original, it must have several versions and it must be fashion forward and at the same time, classic.  I put those requirements on myself, so knitter’s who bought my other patterns know they are getting the best each time I publish another one.

So here is a sneak peak at my new Summer Serenity tunic sweater in coral with touches of lilac, green, pink and orange:





1. Mary Still - April 14, 2014

Beautiful! I can hardly wait to make this!!!

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