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Just Back From Costa Rica February 19, 2014

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I planned to be there another month, but a family medical emergency has me back home now.

I got a new camera, my old one finally gave up the ghost, i.e., refused to recharge.  So I did take a couple of pics for inspiration later.  It is the “less rainy season” there, and for sure, it was a little dry around the country.  Seems everyone is getting strange weather nowadays.

So here are some pics of a new bird that showed up in my garden this year.  It is the Black Cowled Oriole, really a pair of them checking out our heliconia.  In my bird book, these birds are expanding their range, something quite different, when you think about all the other habitats being spoiled.  They were quite brilliant to see – you couldn’t miss them swaying in the wind.




Then my usual suspects, the kiskadees, at my back yard smorgasbord.


My orchids were in bloom by my front door and in the back yard.


Now that is definitely “Radiant Orchid”!!


The old Poro tree has started to bloom, and the coffee plants aren’t far behind.  Their  blooms are white and fragrant.  I wish someone would bottle that fragrance.


Here’s the shot I took of our South View.



And here’s a shot of my husband’s new Aeroponic Farm, with romaine, green leaf and bronze lettuce, green onions, arugula, cilantro,  and basil.






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