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Radiant Orchid – Color of the Year – 2014 January 15, 2014

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Have you been seeing this color lately?  Not a surprise.  All kinds of manufacturer’s are putting out the Radiant Orchid as it is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014.  I love it!  So I rifled my stash for some Radiant Orchid since I wanted to do another shawl with the large abalone shell closure.  I looked at the two I have left and one had that pink color that would pull out the orchid in the shawl.  I have been knitting feverishly on it and just finished it.  Here is #2, Feather and Fan Shawl:




1. Mary Still - January 15, 2014

Just beautiful! Will there be/is there a pattern for this?

myblueheavenknits - January 16, 2014

Hi, Mary. This is hand knit on Size 15 US needles. I did a long tail cast on of 40 stitches, and knit 3 rows for the border edge. Then I started the Feather and Fan pattern which is simple.

Feather and Fan Pattern:

Row 1 – knit all sts
Row 2 – knit all sts
Row 3 – K 2 sts, Purl until the last 2 sts, K 2 sts
Row 4 – K 2 sts, (K2tog) 3X, (YO, K1) 6X, (K2tog) 6X, (YO, K1) 6X, (K2tog), K 2 sts.
I added the ribbon into rows 1 & 2 (the knit rows) on every other set of feather and fan sets, and carried the ribbon up the side as I went.

Knit these until you get the length you want and finish off with another garter stitch border of 3 rows and then cast off. Get a big button and try on your shawl to get the placement. This is a non-functioning button – I tried a big loop, but it made the button hang miserably, so the button is there for decor.

I used the Caracara Yarn and Simonetta for all rows (same as in my Ocean Treasures shawl), and the ribbon was Katia brand’s Flash Print. Of course, any laceweight yarns will do along with any soft ribbon such as Tartelette or Giotto. I am loving all the beautiful ribbon yarns of late and have amassed quite a selection.

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