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Blue Morpho and Glasswing Butterflies Today September 13, 2013

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Since the morning was nice and sunny, we all made a plan to go to my favorite trout restaurant for lunch. It is up near Tapanti National Park, not too far from our house in Orosi, Costa Rica. Now we had to wait a bit before heading out on our little jaunt because we didn’t have internet and we were waiting for the ICE repairman to come. He did his thing and had to go into town to fix something else – don’t ask me what, but when we came home, the internet seems to be working fine.

Now on our little trip to the restaurant we do a quick loop to the entrance of Tapanti to get an idea of what “primeval forest” looks like. Ginormous ferns the size of a small car, lianas hanging down from the trees, all manner of “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you” type dark entrances, waterfalls, unexpected and extravagant floral displays, etc. Its enough to say that once you see this part of Costa Rica, you can always remember that you were once in a wild and untouched paradise, with dangers perhaps hidden just beyond your sight and senses awaiting a misstep by you. We were safely tucked inside our Toyota 4-Runner though, so we headed off to a rustic restaurant where they literally “catch” your trout right after you order it.

Inside the restaurant, there were quite a few moths and butterflies that were hoping to fly out the glass windows, to no avail. After we ordered our lunch, we saw more than a couple of those big blue morpho butterflies go by outside. They are so hard to get close to because they seem to always be on their way someplace else and wont land. There was a large rusty-tipped page butterfly and a large humdrum moth, but then wonder of wonders, a big blue fluttered right into the restaurant who always has open doors. Well it flittered and fluttered around and I got the urge to try and save it, i.e., catch it and release it unharmed outside before it fluttered itself to shreds against the glass windows. I was able to get it in hand for a photo, then I also spied a glasswing butterfly and got it also. Here are the pictures, one of the blue on the window sill, one of it resting comfortably in my hand, one of the glasswing butterfly with opened wings in my hand and one where I put it on a light fixture outside of the restaurant.

Afterwards, I realized that I had actually held a big blue IN MY HAND and was totally jazzed the rest of the day. AAahhhh, paradise is ever so sweeter when you can be one with nature, never harming and perhaps doing a little good.

blue morpho trapped in restaurant

linda assists the blue

glasswing perched

linda rescues a glasswing



1. Juanita - September 13, 2013

Gorgeous. Thanks for the word pictures too.

myblueheavenknits - September 13, 2013

It is nice to get the internet back to do a post! Gosh, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone – so say I and Joni Mitchell.

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