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Green Thorntail Hummingbirds September 1, 2013

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It is really amazing here.  Every time we come down to Costa Rica, I find that my garden has attracted something new.  Now along with the Hummingbird Moth that I blogged about recently, there is a whole new family of Green Thorntail Hummers.

These are really tiny, only as big as your little finger, if I can give you some perspective. They are black, green and have a white stripe across their backs. These in my porterweed bushes must have been a breeding pair because I saw some babies that must have just fledged – they were even smaller than the parents. The female has a shorter tail. The tail of the male is longer and has some finer feathers that go beyond the end of the normal tail feathers. We could get close to them, they seem fearless, but they do move fast.

Here are a couple of the better pictures we could get. Maybe I can get more later.green thorntail 2 (1)

green thorntail 1 (1)



1. Juanita - September 1, 2013

Beautiful little birds. Thanks for sharing.

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