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My Costa Rica Mountain Garden + 1 Resident- Spoiler Alert – It’s Icky!! August 28, 2013

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It got sunny for a couple of hours yesterday even though we are in the rainy season here in Costa Rica.  Time to get busy with the camera and get some pictures of my mountain garden.  We put in concrete ramps to access the lower portions of our “hill” and planted many things, just to see what would take and what would end up fodder for the leaf cutter ants.  Our citrus fruit trees survived and many of our flowers, so here are some pictures of what we are enjoying now – except for the last picture, which is one of those things that come along with living in the wilds of Costa Rica; a harmless river spider the size of a dinner plate. To get a perspective, the spider is next to one of our patio posts which is 13″ wide. It was FAST and too big even for my husband to step on!!!!  He just swept it into the hedge next to our patio.  Now I look out the window before stepping out onto the patio!!




1. Robin - November 3, 2013

Have you ever taught a machine knitting seminar in Costa Rica? I am a machine knitter and would love to travel to Costa Rica and at the same time learn new machine knitting techniques or just for refresher of old techniques.

myblueheavenknits - November 4, 2013

Well, I never thought of that. It would kinda be a logistics problem getting people from the airport to our home up in the beautiful Orosi Valley and then making arrangements for where they would stay and eat. I would not be averse to it though. I mostly go there to get some “down” time and free my mind to create new patterns. I will give it a “think”.

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