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Surprise !! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, NO, It’s the Hummingbird Moth!! August 16, 2013

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So when is a hummingbird not a hummingbird, or for that matter, not even a bird?  

Well, I was totally surprised to look up from my knitting to see something really marvelous!  It was a tiny hummingbird, or so I thought.  My gardener, German, also pointed it out to my husband, saying it was a tiny hummingbird.  

But we were all wrong.  It isn’t even a bird, but an insect.  It looked to me to be about 1″ in length and I couldn’t even see the wings to estimate how much of a wing span it had.  It was black and white, and it exhibited all the flying characteristics of a hummingbird, like hovering over the flower, sipping nectar, flying backwards, appearing in daylight, getting chased by jealous hummers, etc. And there wasn’t just one either, as I saw at least three zipping about although they were too fast for my little camera to get a picture.

So what in the world are these ???  Hummingbird MOTHS!!

Have you heard of these?  I hadn’t, so news to me that these things existed, but if they  were going to exist, Costa Rica would certainly be the place I would hang my hat.  There are so many butterflies out now, red, black, yellow, white, neons, OMG, and dragonflies- one orange dragonfly cruises my pool, back and forth, then back again, looking for a wayward flying bug.  Those would be the ones that got away from the blue and white swallows, creeping sparrows, and tropical kingbirds.  It is quite the buzz around here. 

In lieu of me getting a high speed camera, I searched out for some Hummingbird Moths on Google Images that looked like the ones I have here in my back yard.

I have attached them so you can see what they look like, but sorry you can’t see them in action – acting like a real hummer!




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