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In Costa Rica Again!! August 14, 2013

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AAAHHhhhh!!  Back again in Costa Rica.  After all the rush, bing, bang, gong, and running around which was my summer in SoCal, my husband and I have retreated to our second home on the mountain.  Although it is the rainy season, we have been surprised at how nice the last two days have been, sunny, warm, bees, birds, and everything just a buzzing here.

Now I have to tell you a quick story of why it is so important to check to make sure you have all your bags when you leave the airport.  After an overnight flight from LA to San Jose, Costa Rica, we were both a little punchy.  In all the hubbub to get through Immigration and Customs down here, we were happy to get someone with a large cart to help us out to our awaiting car parked in the short-term parking garage.  Yes, we picked up our five bags, loaded everything in the car and then headed out to our Price Smart (like Cost Co) to buy everything we would need for these 6 or more weeks we would be here, then to our favorite meat shop, Don Fernando’s in Tres Rios, and then onward to home.

Once we arrived, exhausted and tired, we were so looking forward to just collapsing into our unmade beds and taking a long nap (after putting away the refrigerated and freezer foods we bought).

Well, the luggage gods were not with us.  Yes, we picked up five bags from the airport, but one of them wasn’t ours afterall. It looked like our red bag, but it belonged to someone else.

My husband,  Mark, quickly sent an email to the owner who was on her way to Arenal and then he called the luggage claim at the airport.  Our bag was still there, so he committed  to drive back to the airport to deliver the wrong bag we picked up and retrieve our own.  

Can I just tell you that at that time, 3:30pm, it was raining, it was rush hour and all kinds of exhausted traveler were written on our faces. Yes, we did start back to the airport, and it took us 4.5 hours, round trip, but then we were home, with all our correct luggage and more exhausted than I have been in a loooonnnng time.

Let me just say that both of us literally fell into bed at that point and slept so deep, not even the crickets chirp, the frogs ribbit, nor any other night sound could wake us up.

Yesterday was a recovery day, and with short bursts of energy (and I do mean short, 5-10 minutes), we got the bathrooms back in shape with fresh towels and all our toiletries organized from being in the vault we have here, plus beds made, the rest of the non-refrigerated food put away and the electronics all up and back working (this includes the internet, big screen TV, VCR, Blue Ray DVD system, and the list goes on. Today we got the pool pump going and now are surveying all our glorious gardens, while still in recovery mode yet for another day.

It is beautiful here and Mark is really enjoying himself. He set up his Sirius radio with speakers out back on our veranda and stayed up late listening to his favorite programs. He is in heaven here.

He is getting all his camera gear going today, so I will be posting some pics soon. Stay tuned! I saw for the first time ever in my life, something very unusual and I am hoping to get a picture of it for you. It was truly an amazing sight. I will leave you with that cliffhanger, until then, keep knitting!!



1. frizzlhead@aol.com - August 14, 2013

I love your posts! Thank you! Enjoy your time away. See you at the Newton’s Fall Festival! Mary

2. Nitaruthjp - August 15, 2013

Linda, I’ve been to Costa Rica twice, so I know whereof you speak. I’m glad you are able to stay for an extended time. I was to club at Cindy’s in Princeton this past week, she passed out one of the new magazines and I saw a picture of a new garment’ and thought, “that has to be Linda’s”. Sure enough. Enjoy the days, rain or not. from Someone named Juanita.


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