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Updated My “About” Profile May 28, 2013

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Gosh, I didn’t know that my Profile was so outdated.  This morning, I updated it to give everyone an idea of my crazy, busy life.  I am proving that old saying that you seem to get busier than when you were working after you retire!



1. Carol Arena - May 28, 2013

Linda — it was great meeting you at Pacifically Passap! I took two of your classes and can’t wait to start on some of your designs! Do t
You ever come to the East coast?????!!!!!

Warm regards,


myblueheavenknits - May 29, 2013

Hello! (currently now in Monterey – took a side trip on the way back to LA and the studio). As you can see, I have a insanely busy calendar, but I would love to come that way – you know that I travel extensively as you can read from this blog. Sadly, to answer your question, no one from the East Coast has invited me yet! I think most organizers don’t want to “try” someone new, but if I am asked, and I have no other commitments, I would certainly love to travel wherever there are like-minded people who are here on this earth for the utter joy of knitting. I talked with some knitters from the Chicago area and they might be sending me their invitation to workshop with them for next year. Meanwhile, I have so many new fashions in my head, I am about to sequester myself in my studio until they are ready to publish. These are skirts and new tops, great items to add to your wardrobe. I also have to make all my fall runway show items for the Palos Verdes Art Center – that takes quite a while to do. I am done with my “Spring” seminars, but “Fall” is right around the corner when you are in the fashion business. Never a dull moment, but loving every minute of it.

2. Carol Arena - May 28, 2013

Linda –are you on Pinterest? If you aren’t, you should be!

Carol again

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