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New Patterns In Work, But Leaving Town For Next Seminar May 19, 2013

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So what do I have going on right now? I am in the midst of a pattern writing blitz, so I haven’t posted. I am all set for driving up to Oregon early next week for the Pacifically Passap Plus Machine Knitting Seminar that I know some of you reading this are going to be attending. Stop by the Multnomah Room (#248) and say Hi! I will be bringing all the lights, camera and etc. ready for Action! But that left me with a couple of days to while my time away, so I got into the studio and started designing.

For quite awhile now, I had some brief notes on several skirt styles and a couple of tops to go with them. What have I been waiting for? Yarn that will work with the designs. You see, in my design process, I dream up a concept, do some samples and then wear the item to see if it really works. I know people love to look at the avant-garde, but what they will want to wear themselves is practical, easy and classic. If I don’t feel that the design “works”, I either redesign the garment or wait for a yarn that will work. On these skirts, I had to do both, redesign and wait for the yarn to be created. Luckily, I have an accomplice in Norman Koshak, who designs, dyes and manufactures his own yarn for Newton’s Knits in Anaheim, CA. He keeps developing yarn and I am lucky enough to get some of his newest ones. This fuels my creative energies, but sometimes I either have to wait for an idea to come to me before I can use new yarns, or the design is wrong for the yarn and I have to frog the whole thing and start again from scratch.

So back to my new skirt pattern. These are not your usual skirts. A skirt in the wardrobe is often a plain thing that covers necessary areas, while the focus of your ensemble is really on the top or jacket you are wearing. So of course, I had to do engineer a design that is completely different. And once you see them you will understand why I use the word “engineer”.

What about a summer top to go with the skirt? Yes, I had some notes about tops too, and I had one done up in a sample ready to type up, but then I got in a creative moment (also I was trying to decide what to do with small amounts of leftover yarn on several cones that I used for the skirts) and I am now hot on the trail of an unusual top. GRRR!! Sometimes I just can’t turn off the idea machine long enough to find the time to get a ready-to-type up design into the computer. I surely went on the wild ride yesterday with the new top design until I finally fell into my TV chair (where I picked up my hand knitting needles to start a new scarf. I am in denial about being obsessed, so my husband says. He is great about me being in the studio in this kind of design blitz.)

To make the patterns useful for a variety of machines, I purposely made these designs difficult for me to design because of the gauge I liked from the yarn. It is a tight 6 sts X 6 rows = 1″, on the Bulky. I know that that gauge can be made on the mid-gauge machine and possibly the standard too. There is no “see through” on these skirts and tops even though they are on the Bulky machine.

Now, I have today to figure out the rest of my new top. I know that I can’t have these new patterns ready for the seminar next week – all the wishes in the world would not make that happen. But I want all of you to keep a watch on this blog because I will announce their availablity when they are ready for prime time. I will bring my new skirt samples up to Oregon so my peeps up there can get a preview of them and I hope they will all be amazed. It may take me another month to get the patterns ready, so keep a watch for my announcement here.

Until then, keep knitting like crazy.



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