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Getting Back Into It… January 28, 2013

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Chenille Waterfall

My Mother passed away on New Year’s Eve.  I loved her dearly and went into my period of mourning after I came home from the funeral and all the family get togethers were over.  I knew I was in a let-down funk because I didn’t spring out of bed in the morning like I usually did, wanting to knit.  I slept in, sat around, couldn’t do much, no posts to my blog, no gumption, etc. until a few days ago.  Yes, I bought another knitting machine and learning its special features has brought me back to life.

I got a really nice Singer 700, a standard gauge machine that does patterns with a 24st punchcard, can do lace with the purchase of a lace carriage (hint: yes, I got one of those too, separately), and the really neat thing about this machine is that it has the built-in knitleader.  The machine came with a set of patterns for the Knit Contour (or maybe its called the Knit Radar or Knit Leader, or whatever!), but just going through the manual, learning about its special features, and then getting the lace carriage and finding everything worked beautiful, well, for a crazy machine knitter like me, it brought me back into “My Blue Heaven” again.  I made a lace sunglass case, several chenille items (shawl with two colors of Azalea and Cinnabar, a thread lace scarf and the Waterfall Jacket (pictured above).  The jacket pattern just came out in the March/April 2013 Issue of Country Knitting of Maine, News & Views, a great machine knitting magazine.  Hey, also in that issue is an article on setting up the Knit Contour, by Irene Woods.  The unenhance photo at the top of this post is the one that I just took of the Waterfall Jacket.  The jacket’s designer is Kathryn Doubrley, The Answer Lady.

I have also done another jacket, this time on the bulky machine using my Shrug to Shruggan pattern.  I used the Shruggan version, but shortened the sleeves a little to accommodate the ruffled hems.

Ruffled Jacket

I have also been hand knitting at night in front of the TV.  Here are my two finished hats and scarves:

Hat and Cowl Derby and Cascade

We are travelling to Costa Rica this week and will be there for several weeks for some needed R&R.

Hope everyone out there is safe and healthy, and looking forward to what 2013 has in store.

Keep knitting!



1. Juanita Peterson - January 28, 2013

Linda, I am sorry that you lost your Mom. Keep close those wonderful memories you have stored away.
Another knitting machine! Have fun with it. I have just had a great kick in that I got our the rib transfer tool and I had to ask Cindy how to use it!! Why has that been on the shelf in a box for so long? It’s great.
Enjoy your vacation. Here in Minnesota we are looking to another day of the forecasted freezing rain, snow and accidents. But we are
hardy,, having survived last week of below zero weather.

2. Carol Hotchkiss - January 29, 2013

Where can I get this pattern. I love it. Carol

myblueheavenknits - January 29, 2013

Hi there. Which one? Linda

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