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Had A Fabulous Craft Faire Weekend! November 21, 2012

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It is so wonderful to knit all year, not knowing if what you are making will be a hit, and then getting the public validation for all your hard work when people go absolutely MAD CRAZY to buy your items at the Fall and Holiday craft shows.

I am posting pictures here, on FaceBook and on Knitting Paradise to get the news to other crafters out there that even though the economy is dragging, if you price your items in the $25 – $40 range, people are buying.  I had only a couple of sales in the $50 – $80 per item range, but because I now take credit cards, I got several people buying multiple items that totalled over the $100 dollar mark.  For last weekend, I made more sales than in 2011, so let’s hope the positive trend will continue!

It does help to have your past customers come back with glowing reviews of the items they bought from you last year and got compliments when they wore them.  Even their “hard to please” teenagers were impressed with the gifts that customers bought from me.  For this core of faithful clients, I design and knit new things all the time, so they know to come back to see what I dreamed up to tempt them to buy this year.

What is different from prior years is that the higher priced coats, jackets and fancy shawls and sweaters are being highly admired for the expertise it took to design and make, but those are being ignored when a quick look at the price tells them those are out of their league, wallet-wise.  But interestingly enough, the quality of those higher priced items drives the customers to look for my other lower cost items because they know that whatever they buy from me, it will have the same care to design and fashion as my higher priced items.  In the past, people bought those fabulous one-of-a-kind coats and jackets for themselves and other items for gifts.  Now, they are only buying the gifts, except for a few that no matter the cost, they just have to have it.

Now since I do have many high quality one-of-a-kind knits, I have been searching out a venue to display and sell them, basically so I can make some room for new designs that come into my head every day.  I found an Artist’s Studio in Rancho Palos Verdes who will jury me later in November to see if I am up to par with the other artists in the coop.  If I am accepted, I will be able to display and sell these one-of-a-kinds in their shop, so stay tuned for that new announcement.  This is another way that I am expanding my business this next year, so I am hoping that it will become a good thing, as Martha Stewart says.

So here are some photos from last weekend.  You can check out the Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild on FaceBook also and see what the other artists are doing here in Southern California.

Scarves On Display












Hand and Machine Knits For All!










My Famous Ruffled Scarf













My Booth Neighbor, Myriam










Another Booth Neighbor, Heidi and Her Aprons











Another Booth Neighbor, Lisa and Her Jewelry













I always get special orders and I am knitting them now.  Maybe we have turned a corner and all that pent up consumerism is starting to burst at its seams!  I am always an optimist, so it cannot hurt to be positive about this holiday season.

Keep knitting until all the yarn is gone!








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