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Wonderful Sunset In Costa Rica! September 13, 2012

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Costa Rica has two seasons: the Rainy season from May to December (their Winter) and the Less-Rainy season from January to April (their Summer).  Now during the rainy season, it can rain all day or most of the day.  They had a bad two day rain here that yielded 25 inches of rain.  Just think what that would do.  Roads washed out, rivers roared – but the people just go on about their daily routines, and of course, merely carry an umbrella.

Now yesterday, we had an unusual day where it was sunny most of the day with a quick pop of showers.  The sky was partly cloudy with those big fluffy clouds and best of all, we had a really nice sunset.  Here’s a picture, but it couldn’t grab all the grandeur of the blue sky with the coral clouds.

12 Sep 2012 Sunset in Orosi Valley, Costa Rica

And with the sun comes all the butterflies and birds.  I did see the rare Blue-Tailed Hummingbird, but it was moving so fast, I could not get a picture.  He was stunning in the sun, showing his all over deep emerald, but with a beautiful blue-violet tail.  The Rufous Tailed Hummer was chasing him off his nectar source, but it was so great to see this rare bird! There are Guava Skipper butterflies (black with streaks of turquoise and dots of red with red eyes), Julia Heliconians (orange wide-wings), broad-banded swallotails (huge with wide bands of yellow and black), and many more.  I am unable to get pictures because they come to my lantana blossoms and just flutter, flutter, flutter their wings, never staying put for a second.   By the time I frame up and zoom in, they are fluttering to the next blossom.  I guess I must content myself that this is a scene that can only be experienced live and in person.  I will keep trying though.  Maybe they will get tired of fluttering. Here is the Crimsom Patch butterfly.  I did get him on some wet ground, but couldn’t get a great picture because I didn’t zoom in enough.  There are three varieties of this one, and so I had to consult my butterfly book.

They really wear their drama here. We are working on a big project here during this stay.  It is taking several workers to build a concrete walking/wheelbarrow path down to the next level of our property where we are going to plant lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, Peru guava and Hass avocado trees.  My regular gardener, German (pronounced, Herman) told me that all but the avocado tree was good for this region.  They have fabulous nurseries here with all manner of ornamentals, fruit trees, flowers, orchids and cacti, of all things.  One of their micro-climates is desert-like, hence the cacti.  And the prices can’t be beat – $3.00 for fruit trees, $1.50 for 6″ potted flowers, so we loaded up.  You can actually go out and grab orchids off a tree here in the forests.  You can drive around and get clippings of this and that from people’s gardens (after asking first).  Things grow so well here, some plants are just thrown onto bare clay, and they take off. After this pathway is done, we are going to work on the next level down, to put in a Mirador, an overlook of the Rio Grande River.  Plus planting more greenery.  I especially want to put in a fast growing tree that attracts parrots and a bird called Mot-Mot down there.  The trees seem to be all around here, but no one knows the name of them.  Birds like to fly into the tree and munch on its berries.  The parrots are noisy when in flight, but quiet when munching, so I am ok with that. Knitting wise, I am working on my seminar classes and doing samples.  I only have two weeks left down here, so I need to work on rounding things up.  Looking at all this nature is side-tracking me, but it does give me a lot of inspiration too.  Until I see you at the Newton’s Fall Seminar, Keep knitting until all the yarn is gone!



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