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Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On…. September 6, 2012

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Just a note to tell you all about our nice big earthquake yesterday.  Mark was off photographing and my brother, sister-in-law and I were at home watching some workers build a concrete walkpath down to the next level of our property.  The quake started as a little side-to-side wiggle, then it grew into a big shake for about 10 seconds, then faded into the little shakes.  We really jumped, including all the workers who whipped out their cell phones and probably called home.  Mark called me immediately, worried that my brother might have been on the roof to change out our pool sensor which blew when our house got struck by lightning a couple of days ago (took out our computer router also).  We had no damage because our house is made of wood and rocked and rolled with the quake.  Also, because it was 41Kilometers below earth, it didn’t have  a “snap-crack” jerky movement that would of caused some concern.

No, we were OK.  We jumped onto our computers to find the epicenter and it was way NE of us.  With other quakes hitting Indonesia, the Phillipines, and other spots around the Pacific Rim, Circle of Fire, our next worry is that it will light up Costa Rica’s many volcanoes.  Never a dull moment!

Mark went through all his camera batteries taking pictures for someone selling their house across the valley from us, so no pictures for you at this time.  Margo and Jeff, the sellers, need to move closer to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica where they have virgin property they need to develop and sell.   He was going to borrow a camera so I can post a few more photos of our butterfly and bird visitors coming to our flowers.

So be patient and we’ll see what he can come up with!



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