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Back In Costa Rica! August 23, 2012

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Whew!  It has been a mad rush leaving CA and coming to CR.  We got the house remodel done in the nick of time.  Now we are dealing with getting this CR house up and running, which is another ordeal.  First was to make the beds and get all the linens out of the safe room, plus set up the TV.  We promptly took long naps because the flight we get from LA to CR is a red-eye overnighter, leaving us exhausted the day we land.

But there are always problems with getting things going because we haven’t been here since the end of March.  MOSTLY, we have had no internet for whatever reason, seemingly unknown because we kept paying the bill.  So, Mark and our hired interpreter, Jose, went off to ICE (the state owned telephone/internet provider) in Cartago yesterday to get an appointment for a serviceman to come out.  Yes, no way to just call in and request service here, you have to physically GO in, wait in a huge line and then explain your situation.  Luckily, that serviceman braved our mountain road and got here at noon today, aided by our overseer, German, who guided him to our home (remember, no addresses in Costa Rica, so finding places is a hunt and peck venture!).  The internet problem was ICE’s, and he did fix it, though no explanation what went wrong.  Oh well, at least we now can connect to the world.

So, last time we were here, Mark put in a huge sundial that almost took up our entire back yard.  But I didn’t want all crushed stone in my back yard, so he put in three flower beds, augmenting the poor soil with volcanic compost and planting some tiny plants from cuttings.  With time, sun, rain, great soil and perfect conditions, I now have an incredible garden, which caters to hummingbirds, butterflies and bumblebees.  Here are some photos that I quickly took in order to post this message to you.

Dina Yellow Sulphur Butterfly

Glorious to just sit and stare at for hours on end.

Blue and Yellow Chiriqui Flasher Skipper

Rusty Tipped Page Butterfly

I am contemplating many happy hours of just letting all this nature enthrall me.  I get a great deal of inspiration from nature’s color choices.  I love to translate these colors into my knitting choices.  How about you!



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