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Linda W/B AFK August 4, 2012

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Yes, shorthand for Linda will be away from keyboard for about a week.  Going on a short vacation to New York with my husband, and to the wedding of a great guy, Larry Hurlburt, who was on my staff when I worked for the Air Force.  He was a Captain in the Air Force, so he will probably be a Major by now.  He just got back from yet another tour in Afghanistan and is stationed in Washington DC.  But the event is in Holyoke, Mass.  OK guaranteed to be hot and sticky.  I dreamed I could wear one of my knitted wonders, but I don’t think the summer swelter will make me want to wear anything but shorts, tank tops and flip-flops.  There’s a rhyme in there somewheres.  Anywho, I am travelling light, so no computer this trip.


OH!  And I haven’t mentioned this, but for the last two months, we have been going through a house renovation/upgrade.  We have had so much commotion with workmen, tarps over everything, electricians, air conditioning installers, carpet installers, and the hammering, sawing, ya-da, ya-da everyday.  But we have really transformed our house finally with brand new bathrooms with walk-in showers with frameless glass doors, (got rid of those slippery tubs), new paint, new outdoor furniture, new solar tubes, new inset lighting, new – oh the list goes on and on.  Still some finishing up to do here and there.  But it is so nice to have a real house back, and not worry that 2-8 men aren’t tramping about.  Now we can sleep in maybe.  Oh, and new carpet was the most disruptive.  Think about all you have being piled by three husky men into one huge wad in your front room – all the contents of closets, bookshelves, and what you thought were secret hiding places for all your yarn stash.  All was revealed yesterday.  OMG!  It was like the aftermath of a tornado, except it was all in one big pile which we have just resettled today.


We are just exhausted, but happy the worst is over!  Now off to New York and some R&R!



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