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Yarn Bombing Event at Orange County Fair Tomorrow! July 14, 2012

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In preparation for a new event at the Orange County Fair tomorrow, a group of my Cone Connection Machine Knitting Guild got a quick promotion before the Fair opened yesterday with the FOX News Channel.   The spot aired during the morning news.  Here are our pics:

Picture at OC Fair, July 13th, 2012

That’s me, 5th from the Right in Back (not counting the sheep).  Now that sheep is going to be auctioned off and proceeds will be going to the Wounded Warriors Project to support them in their recoveries. The Yarn Bombing event will be tomorrow, from 10:00am to 2:00pm in the Centenniel Farm area.  You had to go online to register for the event and knit a pennant for the event which when collected, connected and hung from a knitted cord, will be a crazy collage of yarn art.  The pennants will be prominently displayed in the Farm area.  Inside the Crafts Building, we covered two chairs and an ottoman for the Knitting Lounge.  Also, we covered varying sizes of Balls for kids to play with.   We’ll be covering a COW (not a live one – just a statue!), some park benches and what not.  It will be an exciting event for sure.  Yarn bombing is becoming a craze and you can get into it by just wrapping tree trunks in  your area with colorful yarns. BUT Yesterday, I had to get up at 2:30am in order to be at Newton’s Yarn Shop at 4:30am, and then we drove into the Fair where all the News crews were doing their live segments starting at 5:00am.  It was, can you believe it?, RAINING, yes, raining in JULY!!  Not just a little sprinkle or two either.  So it being Friday, the news was all about the RAIN, traffic, weather and accidents.  It didn’t leave much live promotion time for us knitting stalwarts, so we got bumped for our slots on CBS, Channel 2 and ABC, Channel 7.  But the rain let up and lo and behold, we got a spot with the FOX News channel.  We had envisioned the ladies crocheting while I would be on the LK-150 Knitting Machine, but we were not given that amount of time, so we had to make-do with a quick spot, sharing it with others who had dressed up in Star Wars costumes and laser swords, and of course, 4-H kids with turkeys and sheep.  Well, all in all, I did enjoy myself and will be in fine knitting form for tomorrow’s main Yarn Bombing event.  If you live in the area, the Orange County Fair is fun and intimate, so you can cover all there is to do in one day – plus you get to enjoy all the great Fair Food!  Deep Fried everything and anything is on the menu.  Time to toss out the diet plan, but it’s only one day, right?



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