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TWO New Patterns Debut Next Week May 27, 2012

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Since coming back from the Pacific NW Machine Knitting Seminar a week ago, I have been working on two new patterns.  They are done, but we are heading out to Palm Springs for some R&R for the next week.  When we go there, we love to drive around town, see some of the classic homes that the movie stars had, eat at famous restaurants, see movies and shop at the great antique stores.  The special thing we definitely want to see and photograph is the big Marilyn Monroe statue down on the main drag.  It’s her iconic pose in the white dress from “The Seven Year Itch” where she stands over a grate in the sidewalk and warm air blows her dress up.  It’s the MUST DO thing on our list.  They have a great botanic garden, zoo and sometimes the zoo offers a butterfly pavilion where they have all kinds of beautiful butterflies wafting through the air.  Kind of reminds me of the one in Costa Rica, in Guacino.  Anyway, it is a week of driving and diversion.  I am bringing some hand knitting of course.  I got a free pattern for Vanna’s Glamour yarn, a heavy, chunky, cabled bracelet that highlights a fancy button closure.  Of course, I am not confining myself to Vanna’s yarn.  I have picked out of my stash some really flashy stuff in metallic gold, red, black.  Its really nice to have a little travelling project whenever you go somewhere.  I will be looking for some upscale buttons while out in PS, maybe some rhinestone gem types to embellish and finish these as I knit them.

OK, so onto my new patterns.  I previously posted some pics for the Swingtime Vest or Jacket.  My husband did his magic, so here is the cover that I have for it:

New Swingtime Pattern












Also ready, and just for my Peep, Juanita, in Minnesota, I have completed the Hand Knit pattern for the Cable and Lace Wristlet:

These are fingerless gloves that keep your wrist and hand warm while keeping your fingers free to knit, work on your computer, drive, etc.   As you know, I like to give you a couple of Versions in my patterns, so the Chevron and Stripes is a really fun one and don’t be afraid to mix up the colors.  You will get some great effects using variegated yarns and I do recommend wool, cashmere or fur fiber, such as mink or opossum for these.

So we are off and running, just had to finish this the whet your appetites! Keep knitting until all the yarn is gone!!



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