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New Pattern In The Works – Swingtime Vest and Jacket With Sleeves May 22, 2012

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I have been hunkering down the last couple of days working on a new pattern.  I saw something like it which was hand knit in bulky yarn in a magazine and it really didn’t look right to me.  The collar was horribly too thick and it had stripes going horizontally, yes, the wrong way for most of us.  No way was I going to hand knit it, but I thought I could improve on the idea for it, so I set myself down to work it out on the machine.  I had done a similar pattern a couple of years ago for a heavy coat, and sold it at my craft shows.  Several customers told me that it was their favorite thing to wear.  I put it down on my “To Do” list back then to work on the pattern, and now I have come full circle back to it again.

I am calling it my Swingtime Vest and Jacket With Sleeves.  It’s all about architecture again, so I hope it will be fun for everyone to do, while creating a nice look with a lightweight vest for Spring and Summer, I gave the basic design another great look with the sleeved Jacket for Fall and Winter.  Here’s a couple of quick pics that I took of my samples:

Swingtime Vest

It always seems to be like this – I should be working on this pile of stuff over here, but I’ve got this idea and there is no stopping it!  So, I work on it until it is done.  Now I hand everything over to my husband who works on the cover, titles, photos, etc.  He’s a perfectionist, being a Virgo and all.  Just one of the things I love about him!  You will soon see it over on Etsy, so check for it in a couple of days.



1. angelika - May 23, 2012


myblueheavenknits - May 23, 2012

Thank You!

2. Carolyn Johnson - May 23, 2012

Love it! Can’t wait to purchase the patterns! Carolyn

myblueheavenknits - May 23, 2012

Thanks so much! I am going to try some different types of yarn for these also. As you know, yarn comes and goes, so it is good to have other types that work in this style, just in case the sample yarns get discontinued.

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